Thursday , September 29 2022

Bayern-Darussafafa 116-70 (vid) news


Who saw Bayern and was not afraid of it! The German team was very nice against the Darüşşafa … 6.

As Turks fell to 1-5, the Bavarian climbed to 3-3.

The top scorer for winners was Buckler, with 18 points and Evans by 20 Turks.

The Germans scored 103-105 in 2013, defeating Olympiacos in 103-105, achieving record scores in the Euroleague matches.


Bayern entered the game thanks to Dadovic in 7-2. The answer to Darussafa was immediately because Evans, who had a tripod, made his 9-9. The Bavarian team took the lead in the last minutes of the first period and gave Bartel 8 points (21-13, 9 &);

With huge bombs Dangubic and Copenhagen, they increased the difference to 11 (27-17) + 10. Bayern was completely on the ground and made with Löw at 42-25 in 15. The situation didn't change, but the German team had 19 points (54-35) against Dudovic's race twice. The first half of the guests scored 7/10 three points.

The entire team of Radonjic did what he wanted, he couldn't do anything to get closer to the score with Darussafa. Lusic said the leadership of Bavaria should be led by the 25 a third at the end of the quarter, the Copenhagen score of 84-50 scored.

The remainder of the match was procedural, and Bayern arrived at 3-3 after an impressive victory, reassuring the next victory.

WHY NIKE: H Bayern 69% (18/26) had threepoints, gave more assists (28 instead of 16), made fewer mistakes (instead of 12) and locked the victory in the third quarter (87-50).

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: SHE IS Booker At the age of 18 Koponen 2/2 had a large match, had two points and a 4/4 triple with 16 points.

"HEROES" SPICES: SHE IS look With 13 and 4 assists, he Ntentovits With 16 and 3 steals and c Bartels With 12 points.

SHOOTING AND LIVING: SHE IS McCallum There were only 4 points on the pitch 2/8 and didn't help the team.

KEY POINT: The Bavarians finished third quarter with 37 points and finished.

WHAT GET: H Ntarousafak to Twins (19/46), 12 errors, but also weak defense behaviors (received 116 points).

Ten minutes: 21-17, 54-35, 87-50, 116-70

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