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Artemis Shorras accused of trial at Heraklion

21.11.2018 | 15:18

Newsit Newsroom

The perpetrator was tried by the Single-member Defeat Court of Heraklion in both the Artemis Sorras and the scandalous diaspora and insistence categories of six people.

The head of the "Greek Assembly" was sentenced to three years in prison and fined him 10,000 euros. The other six were sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined 1,000 euros. It should be noted that only one person was acquitted and his sentence may be challenged.

The case was the case of Aris Rozakis, President of the Heraklion Bar Association. The case concerns the petition of the President of the Greek Chamber of Commerce of the Heraklion Bar Association to the Prosecutor's Office against the Chief Prosecutor's Office.

According to the lawyer, there were many citizens who said that they had paid out of court complaints for their debts of 600 billion euros.

Artemis Sorras previously in the courts did not give the hearing to participate in the "Greek Assembly" fans were gathered. The court rejected the request for cancellation due to res judicata. The prosecutor said that the crime was repeatedly in a different place. At present, Bar Association President Aris Rozakis,

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