Friday , January 22 2021

Also admitted Jacob's serious mistakes – News – news

Herbert Humpel was found with the OACA partners to watch AAC – Atromitos, and a few hours later, he went to Karaiskakis to see the great derby between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos.

The chairman of the FIFA Monitoring Committee has decided that at least one UEFA member is in our country in order to create a personal opinion on the referee and that every major encounter prevails. From the actors' behavior to the behavior of fans and players.

In the context of the "control" of the European federation, Humbel accepted the serious mistakes of Karaiskakis for the Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, and the referee for the match, with Adrien Jacopot justifying red-white because of complaints about the Swiss reef.

The Austrian President of the Monitoring Committee, as the rest of its members, was almost completely unhappy with Aristotle Diamantopoulos' arbitration in AEK – Atromitos, believing it was almost uncompromising, while Hubble was the best derby in Greece, although he was very pleased with the ambulance at the Valencia stadium. for.

In Houbell, amongst other things, Socrates liked the movement of the Olympiakos world in the injury of Dyoudis, and at the beginning of the match he disliked the use of smokers by the hosts of the hosts. One thing to keep in mind is the concern of the Austrian Jacobet, because he does not think he has achieved a good standard of performance for such an important match and that he seriously makes mistakes as Olympiacos rightly complains.

However, the chairman of the FIFA Monitoring Committee, who speaks in his own circle, will not believe that the Civil Democrats for foreign referees will not change his plan and will only be called to derailment and grand games, but they will not be reduced, nor will they be foreign troops. Some teams have expressed their satisfaction with refereeing, and more games than they need to foreign referees (eg Apollo Smyrna).

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