Tuesday , July 27 2021

"Albania has to give all its rights to the national minority"

"Albania should acknowledge the obvious need to ensure that the national minority has all its rights, as Albanians outside their own country demand for their autonomy and even their independence," says Deputy Minister for the Protection of Citizens.

"We need to talk to Albania in an intimate and in-depth dialogue on National Minority Right, in terms of the European perspective," Hellenic Momentum (NEW), Deputy Minister of Citizens Protection and President of the New Democracy Party, Katerina Papakosta.

On Facebook facebook Papakosta sent a clear message to Tirana to respect the rights of the Greek minority.

Albania has to openly admit that it must give all its rights, as demanded by Albanians, apart from their ethnicity, their autonomy and even their independence. These are prerequisites for Europe's accession and Greece has to remind them in a timely manner, "The Ministry for the Protection of the Citizen is writing.

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