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4/5 / 2021- GEK TERNA: The dynamics that could develop in modern Greece (and not only) are limited to unexplored waters



3 MAY 2021

NEW residents in the group’s share register (powerful names in the Greek business world, but also internationally) are placed with package purchases paying a significant premium instead of the usual discount in these cases.

The DYNAMICS (and not only) that this group can develop in modern Greece are limited to unmapped waters.

It has a turnover of 971 million Euros. The balance of construction works is kept at high levels with approximately 1.6 billion euros on 31.12.2020 and new contracts worth 2.2 billion euros to be signed at the time the financial statements are prepared. In addition, the total power of the energy units owned or participated in by the Group is close to 2,400 MW.

  • SHARE PRICE: 10.0400 euro
  • ΒΟΟΚ VALUE ΜΤΧ: 4.9500 Euros
  • SHARE: 512.2 million euros
  • EVALUATION: 1.038 billion euro
  • P / E: 83
  • EBITDA: 306 million
  • NET CREDIT: 1.32 billion Euros
  • FREE CASH FLOWS: 192 million Euros
  • STAFF: Approximately 3400 people.
  • When the Greeks take it out to save their money by avoiding the largest wealth distribution in the country’s modern stock market history, with CONTINUOUS GUARANTEE from 0.5000 Euros. But they also needed two mind dramas. And where to find it.

It continues to operate in the Station Management and Operation sector.
The car has already participated in the construction and operation of ten (10) stations
cars in our country.

Terna SA - Infrastructure projects

  • Energy production

GEK TERNA Group has been operating in the field of energy since the mid-1990s and is one of the leading actors in both the field of Renewable Energy Resources through the TERNA ENERGY Group and in the thermal energy generated through the HERON Group.

  • 29 JANUARY 2021 REPORT m / m

TENERG v GEKTERNA: 1. with 1.6 billion euros and … 0.7 billion euros turnover, 38% of the first turnover, which corresponds to 610 million euros.

  • So, the rest of GEKTERNA with so many activities and I don’t know what happened… 100 million euros?
  • After the release of VE m / m, they started waking up… And they started taking chewed food. (Until then, it was only interested in TENERG)

THE GEK TERNA Group It is one of the largest business groups in Greece with its presence in Central and Southeastern Europe, the USA and the Middle East. It is a leader in infrastructure, generation, supply and marketing of electricity from thermal sources and RES, concessions, waste management, and real estate development and management.

  • The group has 4,000 employees worldwide and total investments in recent years have exceeded 2.5 billion. Euro. The group’s current construction workload is 1.6 billion. The total power of the energy units Euro owns or participates in the Group exceeds 2500 MW.

GEK TERNA Group is involved in the construction, management and commercial operation of concession projects. Olympia Odos participated in the construction and operation of ten (10) auto stations in addition to the Nea Odos and Central Odos concession projects, which it controlled with 100% and 17% participation in its capital.

In addition, the concession company “INTERNATIONAL HERAKLION CRETE SA AIRPORT” was established (as of February 2019). CONCESSION signed a concession agreement with the Greek Government for the construction and operation of Heraklion Airport in Crete.

  • In addition, it participates 70% in Electronic Ticket Service Company SA – HELLAS SMARTICKET SA, which undertakes the Design, Financing, Installation, Operation Support, Maintenance and Technical Management of Single Automated System with PPP. System OASA Group companies.


THE GEK TERNA Group created by the merger of companies ΓΕΚ and ΤΕΡΝΑ Are two of the largest construction companies in Greece.

Milestones in group history are:


  • GEK was established.


  • TERNA was established.


  • GEK shares are traded on the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • TERNA shares are traded on the Athens Stock Exchange.


  • TERNA ENERGIAKI, which is the beginning of the activity of the group in the field of energy generation from Renewable Energy Sources (, was established.


  • GEK and TERNA joined forces to create one of the largest Greek Clubs in construction, energy and real estate development and utilization.


  • The group expands further in the real estate sector by taking a share from the capital of HERMES REAL ESTATE COMPANIES SA companies. and KEKROPS SA ..
  • The IRON company was established (, the beginning of the group’s activity in the field of energy production and supply from thermal sources.


  • The restructuring of the group was completed with the adoption of GEK’s construction sector by TERNA. While GEK has evolved into a joint stock company, TERNA is now one of the largest and most powerful construction companies in Greece (


  • VIOMAGN (now TERNA LEFKOLITHI) was acquired and marked the Group’s activity in the mining field (
  • The shares of TERNA ENERGIAKI are traded on the Athens Stock Exchange.


  • GEK and TERNA merge. GEK TERNA is created. TERNA, a 100% subsidiary of GEK TERNA, brings together all the construction activities of the Group.

GEK TERNA is today one of the leading Groups in Greece with a strong presence in the construction, power generation, concessions, mining and real estate development and utilization sectors.


They looked down on him so much, it’s time to change the tape …

In addition to the “fast” ASE players, bank addicts and little paper lovers, there are big boys who love heavy cards.

  • We have often read about Motor Oil’s entry into the retail market in 2018, in 2019 the market focused on the gold mining company’s developments. Eldorado goldLast year we were interested in Mytilineos and his big move in Green development, and we remembered with the Dutch Greeks the recent developments in the construction sector and the concession area. assets Trying to take Ellactor by force.

Somewhere else in these 3 years Hot story The biggest of the Greek investment scene Project Elliniko and Lambda monopolize investment interest and not forget PPC’s efforts to enter RES with mammoth deal the day before RWE 2,000 for development MW

  • Have you ever wondered which paper combines all of the above and which one hardly talks?

Exactly. All of the above, GEKTERNA, an odd company that is almost outdated, almost everyone thinks this is a construction company.

  • So what is GEKTERNA?

One in twenty Greek households buys electricity from IRON, its subsidiary for electricity retail sales. The company is the largest RES manufacturer with over 1,400. MW in operations projects through its subsidiary TENERG. Why PPC 2000 can plan? MW projects only as long as PPC GEKTERNA “planned”. Last year alone, over 350 operations were launched MW Wind farms. And we won’t end there. 600 pc MW its gas production units.

  • Maybe I would be surprised if I say that Athens has 17% of the Patra road, 100% of the National Road to Lamia, 100% of the National Road to Trikala, 100% of the National Road to Ioannina. Attiki Odos owns almost all of the serious national network except Egnatia and Kalamata road.

  • One of the first companies to enter the waste industry. He recently signed the waste management of the entire Peloponnese. Project about 130 million euros.

And all of the above are outside of the construction industry, which is its strong point. With an extraordinary turnover of 1.8 BILLION in this sector, it has an annual turnover of approximately 700-900 million Euros in the last five years.

  • I will focus on a recent report on GEKTERNA’s entry into the project, although the company still has enough to tell in the mining and real estate field. Along with Native Americans, Greeks are essentially the only company outside of LAMDA to receive an investment advantage from Elliniko.
  • All of the above at a price of 850 million euros.
  • In the field of finance, the company has approximately 50 million pre-tax profits and a ebitda More than 270 million
  • Company liabilities 3.5 billion (high, but justified due to its ongoing investment plans)

Note: In a particularly difficult and challenging environment, GEK TERNA Group continued to invest in sectors with increased domestic added value (clean energy and infrastructure) in Greece in 2020.

Image result for τερνα

  • In this context, while GEK TERNA Group realizes projects and investments with a total budget of 3.5 billion Euros, the total footprint of the Group’s projects and investments, including the investment program of TERNA ENERGIAKI, reaches 5 billion Euros. National effort for the recovery of the Greek economy.

At the same time, the Group continues to strengthen its presence in international markets, especially in the RES field.

  • To note here, we would like to point out that only 2 companies handle their own share (!!). While giving a target price of 8.6000 euro with the ALPHA FINANCE report dated 5 October 2020… 6 December Eurobank Stocks gave 6.7000 euro, Nobody took care of their case!

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