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WWE “Elimination Chamber 2021” results and report from St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, February 21, 2021 (including voting and video of kickoff show)

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WWE Elimination Room 2021
Avg: WWE ThunderDome im Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida
Date: February 21, 2021

Starter Show:

Even before the debut show, it was announced on that Keith Lee would not be taking ring leave and would not be able to participate in PPV. As a result, a Four-Way Match was planned between Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, Elias and John Morrison to replace Keith Lee in the United States Championship Match against Bobby Lashley and Matt Riddle.

Start Match
4-Way Match – Replaces Keith Lee in the US Championship Triple Treath Match
John Morrison won Ricochet, Mustafa Ali and Elias with a badge to Mustafa Ali after a scooter.
Match time: 07:00

As explained in the commentary panel, pay-per-view will begin with the WWE Universal Championship # 1 Contestant Elimination Room Match, and the respective title match will take place immediately after. There will be no time out before the winner of the Room Match, “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns.

Main Show:

After an opening video dedicated to today’s Matchcard and Road To Wrestlemania, Corey Graves and Michael Cole invite us to the WWE Thunderdome. It starts with the first game of the evening.

When Sami Zayn celebrated his entrance and locked in his room, the referee directed Zayn’s camera crew to his discontent.

Match 1
WWE Universal Title # 1 Contendership – Elimination Chamber Match
Daniel Bryan won Cesaro, King Corbin, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens against Jey Uso after the running knee.
Match time: 34:09
– Entry / qualifying order
1. Cesaro
2. Daniel Bryan
3.King Corbin (05:20)
4. Sami Zayn (10:39)
Cesaro handed over King Corbin with a sniper (17:42) and eliminated it.
5. Kevin Owens (18:10)
6.Jey Uso (23:04)
Kevin Owens pinned Sami Zayn after the stun (25:24).
Jey Uso eliminated Kevin Owens with the pin after Uso Splash (26:41).
Jey Uso eliminates Cesaro via Pin nach dem Uso Splash (32:41).
Daniel Bryan pinned Jey Uso after running knee (34:09).

Match 2
WWE Universal Championship
Singles Match
Roman Reigns (c) wins Daniel Bryan by surrendering in the guillotine choke.
Match time: 01:31

After the match, the “Tribal Chief” celebrates his glorious victory before capturing the WWE Spear Hall and Royal Rumble 2021 winner Edge. Edge points to the Wrestlemania logo for pyro effects. Rated R Superstar has opted for WWE Universal Champion, which means the first Wrestlemania match is certain.

We see excerpts from Stone Cold Steve Austin’s episode of “Skull Sessions” with guest Sasha Banks, which airs on WWE Network after PPV.

Commentators show photos of the 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny’s appearance in Saturday Nightlife, and he is seen talking behind the scenes with artist Sonya Deville shortly after. Miz interrupts the duo and asks what Bad Bunny is doing here, he says he is the WWE 24/7 Champion, and answers The Miz’s question in return. Mr. Money In The Bank shoots Bad Bunny, but Champion responds. Apparently, Bunny’s fist wasn’t bad when The Miz turned around. When Miz looked towards Bunny, Damien Priest was standing in front of him. A-Lister walks away and Bad Bunny and Damian Priest have fun with their friends.

Match 3
WWE United States Championship
3 Way Match
Riddle won against Bobby Lashley (c) and John Morrison, followed by Bro Derek with a pin to Morrison. -> Title change!
Match time: 08:38

Champions Jax and Baszler are the first to celebrate their moves, then of course there is still time for an interview. Kayla Braxton behind the scenes in 2021 Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair and WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Reginald also joins them and supports Belair and Banks, also asks to make a bottle of their best champagne jump. Bianca Belair turns to Banks and tells that “EST” can explain her decision after the game.

Match 4
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Team match
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) won against Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair with a needle shot by Nia Jax after their Samoan Fall.
Match time: 09:36
Shortly before the end of the match, Reginald came into the ring with the champagne bottle he had promised and handed it over to Banks so he could use it as a weapon. However, the referee became aware of this and the distraction caused Nia Jax to take advantage of the winning time.

We see a video clip of the WWE Championship Qualification Room Match. Five former World Champions are trying to overthrow the reigning title holder Drew McIntyre in steel construction.

Match 5
WWE Championship
Elimination Room Match
Drew McIntyre (c) pinned AJ Styles after Claymore Kick against Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Sheamus, AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston.
Match time: 31:21
– Entry / qualifying order
1. Jeff Hardy
2. Randy Orton
3. Drew McIntyre (4:20)
4. Kofi Kingston (08:21)
Kofi Kingston pinned out Randy Orton after a roller coaster (08:54)
– Tired of his departure, Randy gives the RKOs to Kofi Kingston and Jeff Hardy. After a short while, Omos takes AJ Styles out of his room and “The Phenomenal” enters the ring and tries to dust off the pin. Adam Pearce, WWE’s lawless law, comes out and sends the Omos backstage.

5. AJ Styles (9:50)
6. Sheamus (15:56)
Sheamus eliminated Kofi Kingston with a pin after his accent shot (23:48).
Drew McIntyre eliminated Jeff Hardy via pin after Claymore Kick (25:30).
AJ Styles eliminated Sheamus vie pin after Phenomenal Forearm (30:25).
Drew McIntyre eliminated AJ Styles via pin after Claymore Kick (31:21).

After the match, the famous WWE Champion was attacked by former US Champion Bobby Lashley and was eventually hit with Full Nelson. The music of the Money In The Bank suitcase sounds.

Match 6
WWE Championship
Singles Match
The Miz won with a pin against Drew McIntyre (c) after the Skull Crushing Final. -> Title change!
Match time: 00:27

The show was taken off the air with pictures of the victorious A-Lister.

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