Thursday , December 5 2019
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WhatsApp: right-handers use the tag feature for Nazi symbolism

WhatsApp has already introduced a new decal function because it has already misused it: The Jewish Forum appeared on Twitter, as it is shared with Nazi symbolism, as in the right-wing group conversations.

Whatsapp messenger app had announced the introduction of the label function, at the end of October. In other messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram, the function has been set up for some time. Stickers are not only created by the Facebook affiliate, but also by third parties to submit their own ideas. Through a separate application, stickers can be downloaded from any provider in WhatsApp.

Right-wing extremists are embracing it: in group conversations they share the pictures of the constitution-specific swastikas and SS rhythm symbols, as well as pictures of Adolf Hitler and concentration camps. The Jewish Forum asked WhatsApp to intervene on Twitter: "How can this be avoided?"

A spokesman for WhatsApp told the newspaper & Bild-: itik These anti-Semitic stickers are unacceptable and we don't want them in WhatsApp. We strongly condemn this hatred. Hesap For this reason, users are asked to provide illegal content tags, so that the company can continue to ın up to. Their blocked accounts.

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