Thursday , May 19 2022

VW transforms facilities in Emden and Hanover into electro mobility


Workers at the VW factory in Emden still produce the Passat with conventional drive. But in just a few years they should produce electro-Passat. (Photo: dpa)

Workers at the VW factory in Emden still produce the Passat with conventional drive. But in just a few years they should produce electro-Passat. (Photo: dpa)

In the Lower Saxon VW premises, Emden and Hanover escape from the 2022 electricity line. This was reported by the news agency Reuters.

Emden VW wants to produce an inexpensive model that cost 18 thousand euros with its temporary name model MEB entry av. The plan will have 200,000 vehicles per year. In addition, the electrical Passat I.D. Cut the Aero at 100,000 pieces. Meanwhile, the production of the Passat produced in Emden has been shifted to a Skoda plant in the Czech Republic.

In Hanover, electricity is the successor of Bulli. Buzz will be created with a number more than 100,000 annually. The factory where Transporter T6 and Amarok pick-ups leave the production line is in the next few years, Lounge SUV and I.D. Cargo.

In November 2017, VW CEO Herbert Diess presented earlier in the Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin, the new orientation of VW for electric mobility. In an opening remarks titled "The New Mission," he spoke of "the period of individual mobility" and said the nearby riots would turn into "a golden future for the car." On Monday, Diess once again approved the American industrial newspaper "Automotive News": The group is considering the electrical energy a great deal: "We will be big in the electric car business worldwide." We have the best bodybuilding strategy for e-vehicles. We are very strong in China. We will be cheaper than Tesla because we benefit from large-scale economies. "

The group informed Emden and Hanoverian employees of each of the changes that were planned on Wednesday, at a company meeting. The company employs more than 21,000 employees (8,800 in Emden and 13,000 in Hannover), promising a 3-year long business guarantee until 2028, originally planned. "In the transformation phase, this provides security to the workforce," said Gunnar Kilian, VW Human Resources Director. Said. In the future, however, the automobile manufacturer will need less manpower, because the construction of an electric car requires fewer production stages than the production of passenger cars. For this reason, it was accepted that the working councils and employment volume could be reduced socially through partial retirement. VW said Temporary workers cannot be solved in Emden. You must make permanent employment contracts in Porsche in Baden-Württemberg and in the VW factory in Kassel. Michael Hehemann of IG Metall Emden told German business news: den There are both positive and negative news. Positive investments are no longer positive due to planned and continuing employment. Negative, because 500 temporary employees need to leave the Emden facility. For a region like Ostfriesland, the loss of 500 jobs paid in bulk means a serious loss. "

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