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VIP News: Jens Büchner returns to hospital


VIP News: Jens Büchner returns to hospital: "Doctors do their best"

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7:45 am The big concern for mule Jens Büchner: The 49-year-old returned to the hospital. His wife, Daniela, wrote on Instagram: biz Many of you already know or are learning now: Jens' health is critical, doctors are doing their best to help people, and we're with you in a close family. Kar

In the past few weeks, the cult migrant, known for the Vox show "Goodbye Germany", was not doing anything good for health. Recently, he took over because he had to close the faneteria. As reported by "Bild", a diagnosis of gastric ulcer should be made in the last 49 years.

Meanwhile, according to the newspaper, the current diagnosis is still pending. Currently will be examined by experts.

Daniela Katzenberger doesn't recognize Florian David Fitz?

09:00 Did Daniela Katzenberger kidnap the RTL camera crew in "Exclusiv" or does that really mean? She poses for a minute with one of the most famous German actors on the red carpet at the weekend: Florian David Fitz – currently in The First Name.

But in front of the RTL microphone, "cat" suddenly, "I don't even know who you are," he explains. Then he asks: "But he doesn't know me, does he?"

Of course, Florian David Fitz recognizes Daniela Katzenberger – and talks to the RTL correspondent about the TV star: "I think you just played it well."

Oh, no matter what. Either way, "cat" made a little joke this evening.

Jens Büchner deals with health – and the family decision

Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 2:02 am Büchers closed "Faneteria" due to insufficient personnel working in April. "It makes me sad, but the situation has brought us to our knees because we didn't have a choice," his wife Daniela made a dark decision like the "Bild" newspaper.

One after the other with the büchners eindupelte, the extremely good-natured fan-local just left at the end of the family to throw. Jens, especially the head of his family, was struggling with increasing stress and hospitalized with gastric ulcers. "At one point, at night, it was completely bad, it just broke and it was everywhere," Daniela says.

Jens agrees to underestimate the situation with a lack of staff. Fan-local Büchner ıma brought a lot of money ird, but as a result health almost dragged it to; destruction #. Pain relievers were also attached because of the increased load at the age of 48 years.

If in the spring, urgently needed new staff can not find, "Faneteria" 2019 & # 39; s Scottish Straits. ”We won't do it again, ında explains Jens.

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