Thursday , March 4 2021

VfB Stuttgart continues with coach Matarazzo: “The handwriting is clearly recognizable”

Extract from abr00

Quote from IvMax4

It’s a very good extension. As TH mentioned earlier, Rino’s handwriting given to the team is clearly recognizable.
It can be hoped that those responsible will not pull the rope in the first slightly larger crisis, as has often happened with us in recent years.

I think it’s a great sign for both the cast and the newcomers in the summer.

Planning security and calmness are valuable assets.
We are feeling great right now and the discomfort is terrible.
There are clubs in mid-season that do the opposite – absolutely unsportsmanlike.

Stuttgart is well caught and the style of play is clear.
As far as I can remember, did he get a little louder about his personality (there were also mistakes in one or the other in the year of progression)?
Everything is going well now and it’s better as it can be categorically excluded from coach rotation.

I also think I remember his chair shaking a little. Of course, this could also come from the press, which refused to ask stupid questions. You have to keep in mind that the team is very talented and also very young.
From my point of view, it does a very good job, so an extension made sense.
I hope the unrest in the board for VFB will end soon.

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