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Verdi threatens Eurowings with industrial action


FRANKFURT – Customers of the Lufthansa Group have been threatening first strikes since last year. The budgetary subsidiary has been very hard on the tariff dispute with about 1,000 flight attendants in Eurowings, leading its leader, Verdi, to initiate negotiations and prepare strikes.

"Now prepare for industrial action," he said in Berlin, taking into account months of "fruitless negotiations". No date specified. He must vote first.

"There is no reason to postpone the strikes," said Volker Nusse, a German press agency mediator on Thursday. "Theoretically can be considered at any time." Passengers would be informed, but sufficient.

Negotiations between the union and the Eurowings broke down again and again, and the 13th round was not broken. He does not want to compete for the next appointment at the beginning of December because the concession cannot be foreseen. Although the airline offered improvements in salary and retirement benefits, it wanted to worsen working hours. "This provokes Eurowings strikes."

Verdi, reliable cadres, working and waiting times, also require a strong working council. Eurowings refuses this and complains to the union to change working hours without tariffs. So there are up to 18 hours of service that contradicts collective agreements. "The situation is no longer sustainable for employees," the union said. Said.

Eurowings said the announcement of the strike was not understood. In a statement, Verdi said that the proposal for "very constructive negotiations to reject the negotiating table" is so incomprehensible.

The airline forced the union to pose a threat to its own power motives. "Verdi climbs without ado because he competes with other unions in the cabin crew." Someone was ready to talk. However, Eurowings did not comment on the allegations.

Negotiations also concern those who come to Eurowings from unresolved Air Berlin. In the summer of 2017, Lufthansa took over part of Air Berlin and integrated the employees. Verdi and the affiliate of the Group decided to compensate flight attendants.

From airports such as Eurowings, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Berlin-Tegel and Munich, numerous destinations in Germany and popular destinations in the Mediterranean have also been included in the long-running activities in the Caribbean. However, salaries and other conditions for employees are lower than those in the Lufthansa Group collective agreement. There was a disagreement over the capture of the old Air Berlin.

However, the strikes in Eurowings have not yet been resolved. First of all, he has to keep most of his members behind. This is unclear as the competitor Ufo union represents flight attendants. It is also not the first time that Verdi has been threatened with a strike in talks with Eurowings. Already in August, the representatives of the workers had piled into the game.

Lufthansa Group passengers were frequently exposed to strike. The last major industrial action of the pilot union VC led to Lufthansa's series of 14 dead-ends, and more than a million customers were affected by flight cancellations. Lufthansa caused over 500m euros in damage. In March 2017, pilots and Lufthansa added the conflict after a long struggle.

In recent strikes by Verdi, the consequences for passengers are much less likely to be in an emergency, because only Lufthansa has fewer flights. Nevertheless, customers during Christmas time strikes can make delicate and jumble travel plans.

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