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Truck accident in Ludwigsburg: Blocking on A81 affects clock traffic – County Ludwigsburg

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In the early hours of Monday morning, A81 was hit by a lorry on the country road. Rescue work continued until evening hours. There were many traffic jams.

The rescue of the accident truck in Ludwigsburg was very difficult. Photo: SDMG
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The rescue of the accident truck in Ludwigsburg was very difficult.

Photo: SDMG

Ludwigsburg – The truck, which fell off the motorway on Monday morning, 81, leads to strong traffic obstructions until the evening hours.

A truck's 45-year-old driver reported on the Ludwigsburg police station on Monday when he drove 5.35 hours down the road from Ludwigsburg -South and Stuttgart Zuffenhausen intersections on the highway between Heilbronn and Stuttgart.

The vehicle must be broken from the railing and multiplied by the semi-trailer from A81 to L1110. Only the tractor's tractor is stuck in the railings on the highway. According to the initial findings of the accident, the reason for the accident is said to be the tire. The driver was lucky: He was injured in the accident.

Recovery works very complicated

But the recovery was complicated. Before repairing a crane tool, 36 tons of expanded clay had to be emptied. In addition, about 200 liters of diesel fuel flowed into the world. Another 200 liters were pumped by the fire department, the police said in a press release.

About 6 hours later, police reported that the installation of new crash barriers was more complex than expected, although the truck was safe. Around 20.30, the job is finally completed.

For the job, the right lane of the A81 was blocked in the direction of Stuttgart. Furthermore, the L1110 between Möglingen and Stuttgart-Stammheim could not be released for hours. Already in the morning, the scene of the accident was a bottleneck for drivers – traffic in the A81 was jammed for 21 miles in the meantime.

The crash area must be excavated

However, the rescue of the truck was not the final measure: "After the rescue operations were completed, the fuel-contaminated dirt was excavated on the order of the water conservation authority in Ludwigsburg, the Regional Directorate." Material damage from the accident is estimated to be around 100,000 euros. 42 firefighters from Möglingen, Asperg and Ludwigsburg were involved at the scene of the accident. The police also sent seven patrol car crews and a helicopter for traffic jam monitoring.

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