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The issue of vaccination in Halle: Wiegand gives preference, possibly giving up the choice

Halle (Saale) –

Notable turning point in the vaccination case: Mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent) admitted at the city council meeting on Wednesday that he was not selected with a random generator when he received the injection syringe. Previously, he presented the name as if it had been chosen at random from a list.

The six-eye principle

As Wiegand now explains, he, members of the civil protection team, ten city councilors and other previously unknown persons were selected according to the “six-eyes principle”. The “six eyes” consisted of three people responsible for vaccinations in each vaccination team.

In his case, the head of the municipal vaccination center was supposed to be medical officer Christine Gröger, Daniel Schöppe, and medical director of Diakoniekrankenhaus, Kathrin Ruschke. Exactly how this trio came to the decision to elect the mayor, and not another, remained unclear.

Wiegand’s criticism sharpens

Wiegand’s statement caused excitement in the city council. “The building of lies continues to collapse,” said Hendrik Lange (Die Linke) after the discussion of the MZ demand. It seems that everything was done to favor the OB and a certain group of people at the time of vaccination.

According to Lange, there was no longer the problem of “transparent procedure” as Wiegand had repeatedly claimed. This is nothing trivial. “This procedure is much more sensitive to intervention,” said Eric Eigendorf, leader of the SPD parliamentary group.

Is Wiegand threatened with dismissal?

Given the latest developments, the Wiegand doesn’t seem to sit that firmly in the saddle. According to MZ’s information, a voting procedure in the city council is more likely. “Voting is a conceivable option for us. Mr. Wiegand has seriously damaged the city and has contributed little to the actual explanation so far, ”said Andreas Scholtyssek, CDU parliamentary group leader.

The FDP and left-wing parliamentary groups are also available for a relevant application, as the relevant parliamentary group chairs acknowledge when asked by the MZ. However, it is still doubtful whether the required majority will come together to vote on the motion. The hurdle is high.

Two-thirds majority required for voting

At least two-thirds of all councilors must submit the application and at least three-quarters must accept it. If voted later, all Halle residents will have the final say with their vote on the ballot.

The Greens, the second largest group in the city council, have so far withdrew the issue. Parliamentary group leader, Melanie Ranft, said that they would first wait for the files to be reviewed and then make a decision.

AfD also wants to resign from council

There are insufficient reasons to vote for Hauptsache Halle’s parliamentary group leader Andreas Wels. “You can criticize the process, but for us it’s primarily a matter of communication errors. That’s not enough to vote, ”said Wels.

Halle came out of a Wiegand support association after the local elections in 2019. The AfD linked the approval of the voting procedure to the request for the resignation of all vaccinated city councilors. So far, despite the early vaccination of ten councils, no parliamentary group has drawn any personal conclusions. (mz)

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