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Speaking about Bohlen, former “DSDS” juror, it becomes clear: “Employees are afraid”

Fernanda Brandao was part of the “DSDS” jury with Patrick Nuo and Dieter Bohlen in season 8. Bild: painting alliance / dpa


Former “DSDS” juror Bohlen becomes clear: “Unfortunately, I don’t have much left for interpersonal relationships.”

Dieter Bohlen was supposed to be farewell shows – but nothing came out. Last week, pop titan canceled two outstanding live streams of “DSDS” due to illness. After spending nearly 20 years as two major RTL entertainment format juries, the 67-year-old escaped without saying goodbye. For many of his friends, RTL-Aus von Bohlen was a shock. Because nobody really expected this. It may not be Poptitan either.

In Watson, former “DSDS” judge Fernanda Brandao spoke about Bohlen’s publication. He sat beside the chief judge in the legendary season 8 when Pietro Lombardi was named superstar. He even found the right decision to continue the show without Dieter Bohlen. “Almost 20 years later, it’s good to give ‘DSDS a fresh breath. Changes are important and encourage business,” Brandao told Watson.

In his eyes, it was time for change. “Dieter made the audience laugh with his demeanor for a long time, but also at the expense of the candidates. For talented and experienced singers, the format became increasingly irrelevant, resulting in a loss in the quality of the show. In addition to Dieter’s jokes, the singer and dancer also featured a lot of personal dramas as the musical theme is increasingly taken to the background, “says the singer and dancer.

In 2011, Fernanda Brandao was a member of the “DSDS” jury. Image: IMAGO / TF Photo

“DSDS” will live without Bohlen

Fernanda Brandao says “The cards are re-shuffled”, especially through shows like “The Voice”, because the main thing is about the votes and those in charge have repeatedly revived the format, changing the jury from time to time. It says clearly:

“The tough, untouchable chief judge is a thing of the past. By the way, the jury are team captains who must prove their abilities and fight for victory with their guardians.”

So for them there is no doubt that both “DSDS” and “Das Supertalent” could work as a judge without the pop titan. “I think both formats have a chance to develop further and a successful revival without Dieter.”says.

Dieter Bohlen “did not care much about interpersonal relations.”

In his eyes, Dieter Bohlen had taken up a lot of space, especially on “DSDS”. Regarding Poptitan, he therefore implies in pretty critical tones: “Bohlen had a lot of power on the show, he did all the winning songs and Unfortunately, he did not like interpersonal relationships. This is not a healthy work environment, especially when employees need to be afraid of being fired every day. “

Image: dpa / Henning Kaiser

It has not always been easy for him to work on “DSDS” and with Bohlen. He admits:

“I’ll be honest: it was uncomfortable. Dieter didn’t make it easy for me. Still, I’m grateful and happy that this is my entry into the TV industry. ‘DSDS” was a tough school, but if you think Dieter Bohlen survived, then nothing made you feel that much. can not knock over quickly.

However, he makes it clear that regardless of what you think of Bohlen, “it was a remarkable achievement to successfully execute both formats for many years as the” star of the show “. Fernanda Brandao, “DSDS” served him as a big stepping stone, many other artists call it. “I will never forget this”, says.

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