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Shocked for LFO fans: child group star Devin died in Lima

Fans of children's group Lyte Funky Ones – short LFO – in shock: Young star and band singer Devin Lima died on Wednesday night.

Celebrities cannot escape the serious strokes of fate as shown in Munich – USA. In the mid-thirties, the music world and many Americans mourn the death of the young star Devin Lima. Only 41 years old, the singer of the Lyte Funky Ones – LFO child band was caught on cancer for Wednesday for a short time.

LFO singer Devin Lima died after a long illness

According to the US, in fact, Harold Lima, Devin has been struggling with cancer diagnosis for 13 months. He lost that war at the end of Wednesday night. Lima's mother also said in a press statement the same day, "My son is dead. His fiancée who lives with him died this morning at 2:45 in the morning …" that is not good.

Video: Boybandstar loses his struggle with cancer at the age of 41

Devin Lima was diagnosed with cancer of the adrenal glands last year US Today over. However, until then, it was already in the fourth stage.

Fans have been worried for a long time. Finally, the singer, who was very active on Instagram, published a mission on November 21, 2017. Exactly a year later, he finally died of cancer. . You will miss me, n; I broke my heart, I prayed for you, ın or hayran your family, friends and fans will always remember you, dı says Devin Lima, author of numerous Instagram writings.

Devin Lima is dead: LFO group mate Brad Fischetti sends sad message

Lima & # 39; s LFO group friend Brad Fischetti is also communicating through Twitter and devastating. Ğinde I broke my heart, şöyle he adds, et Devin, the world knows her, is an extraordinary talent, a sacrificing father for six children, and a loving father for their mother. Adışı Before her death in Lima, she admitted: Tell them I'm lost. "

However, the death of Lima is not the only shock that LFO fans have experienced in recent years. Third group member Rich Cronin died in 2010 due to leukemia.

Lyte Funky Ones: Boyband succeeded at the beginning of a thousand years in the US

Devin Lima joined Boyband LFO in 1999, and then the group of three won countless successes in the United States. In Germany, they didn't rank high with their songs, but they were the top ten in the US charts. "Girl on Television" could reach the tenth place, even "Summer Girls" climbed the third rank.

In 2010, the lead singer Rich Cronin left the band after he died of cancer. However, in 2017, Devin Lima and Brad Fischetti made a LFO comeback with "Perfect 10". However, the title did not go to either the US or Britain's charts. Shortly after the release of the song, he was supposed to get a cancer diagnosis, so he had a song in the new male band.

Also interesting: Recently, a German celebrity died, also active as a singer. Cult immigrant Jens Büchner lost the fight against lung cancer.

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