Monday , January 25 2021

Red-Green-Red loses majority in municipal council in Dresden

Explosion in Dresden City Council. The left, the Greens, and the majority of the SPD are passé & # 39; s. The reason for this is the resignation of three city councils from the SPD level. Thomas Blümel, Peter Bartels and Christian Bösl turn their backs on their former counterparts and form a new Bö Citizen Group lar with the non-affiliated City Council Jan Kaboth.

It was a long-term process, with Thomas Blümel in relation to his own co-operation with the SPD parliamentary group since the departure of MDR Saxony, in particular as the managing director of Christian Avenarius. One person therefore agreed how to deal with other groups outside the majority. The concern of the new faction is now to allow for a little bit of normality in order to break up the division in the municipal council and to regroup and listen to it, and thus Blümel.

According to Thomas Blümel, the establishment of a parliamentary group that was previously registered with Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP) means that there is no more & manageable Başkan majority. The previous majority, in his opinion, no longer listened to the concerns of other groups.

The councils are criticizing the steps in the leftist fraction: "The three municipal councilors who have lost the confidence of the SPD now have a claim against their own parties, now that they are no longer nominated as a city council candidate.

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