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"Red Dead Redemption 2": Cowboy epic shows the whole industry's dilemma


One thing in advance: "Red Dead Redemption 2" is great. Really. In the wild west of the late 19th century, it is incredibly fun to lose yourself, attack the gangs by train, or just hunt and marvel in the beautiful world. Unfortunately, it is also clear that the gaming industry is less successful and less successful in performing the most important balancing action: hardcore gamblers and occasional players.

If you just want to ride the saddle for half an hour, the RDR2 will quickly disappoint you as fans shorten. The entrance is more cumbersome than you are used to today. First of all, you'll see something first: white. For at least an hour, it must be dragged along the profitable area of ​​the instructor, and finally, left to the immense freedom of the rich game world.

Huge gaming worlds of modern top titles often damage casual players

Is it nice slow or too much hell?

And there is hardly any quick action. The RDR2 plays much slower than other current titles with long journeys and initially roundabout movement. A conscious decision that adds weight to rare but intense action scenes – which will be much later in the story. Bringing the appropriate time with you, the game is very enjoyable to reduce the tempo.

All in all, it fits better with the atmosphere. However, those who rarely play remain confused. Spending a lot of time in the game gives you immersion in the food, the bath and enough to look at the welfare of your character and gang, but the time problem does not make it better.

Depending on our context, the controller's buttons are assigned differently.

The other elements of the game seem to appeal to the romper. The controls are extremely complex, for example, with buttons that are assigned to different degrees depending on the content, and therefore offer numerous possibilities to interact with the detailed game world. But initially you always get mixed up with it – and then the innocent people suddenly threaten them instead of talking to the gun. Suddenly, you have to avoid unintentional conflicts that continue with a high award in front of the sheriff.

If you play longer – preferably in one piece – you get used to the complexity, at some point the controller enters the blood. If there are days between half-hour gaming sessions, the confusion remains annoying. The controller should not be aware of the average receiver so that the controller can be set in detail in the menu.

Numerous side missions, such as poker in the hall, are a pleasant change for them – and for others it is just overwhelming.

Industry thinks too big

Rockstar is not alone with the developer of his problem. With the open game worlds and dozens of hours of gameplay, bigger games are primarily geared to players with a lot of free time. The plot is becoming a part of many games, and more and more of the places, characters and adventures hidden in the gigantic game worlds. If you want a quick move, you'll likely be overwhelmed by the myriad.

Even in the last generation, the action-heavy games and Open World games were even more clear. For some, it was about the story, mostly by the gamblers in very little time. The others were invited to explore, the real attraction was the experience of the world. Because of the new technical possibilities, species mix more and more. Whether it's the "Witcher 3", the new Tomb Raider games or the current "Assassin's Creed Odyssey": they all combine a complex, detailed story with a huge open world and thus become a huge epic. This allows you to spend time with games forever. He doesn't stubbornly follow the main story, but loses the thread quickly.

Leisure time stories

Some games force you to deal with side-by-side jobs. In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you have only one chance in certain areas when you reach the appropriate level. This is not just the complete expiration of the main story, but almost creation. Even with "The Witcher 3", you have to deal with many side quests to get ahead.

Atmosphere takes advantage of slow tempo

Since it is siniz RDR2 ers, you can usually work on the main tasks if you want. Unfortunately, the game doesn't always tell you which story tasks you really need and which you don't. But there's a lot to do even those who play the main story. The game has a good 60-hour story – if you don't bother with numerous side missions such as roadside hunting, raiding, gambling or chance stories. A lot of time if you need to take a business and even a family life together. Emotional end, so it should be seen as only a part of the players. It's a shame, actually.

Playback time as purchase criterion

The background of ever-wider gaming worlds, in addition to the will to create something big, should be a long playing time being increasingly seen by some of the buyers as a measure of entertainment. This can be understood at the same time: Everyone who can spend hours in games every day, with new giant works will have fun for a long time. Ordinary players come under the wheel.

They are also addicted to producers – ultimately making these large-scale projects profitable. Ambitious games such as "Red Dead Redemption 2" cost hundreds of millions of euros – and of course they should push them back into the vault. Accordingly, his main character, Arthur Morgan, also feels on every commercial pillar. However, in the long run, this situation may be reversed: if ordinary players are repeatedly blocked by giant games, they can no longer buy them. Much easier to enjoy at the end of the new FIFA or a quick tour "Fortnite". And the stack of unfinished games will not be smaller.

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