Tuesday , October 4 2022

Production of the VW Passat: The VW supervisory board plans the redirection plans for the Emden plant


VW plant Emden's Passat production line.
VW plant Emden's Passat production line.
Photo: Volkswagen AG

"The Supervisory Board will make an important decision in Emden next Friday," he said. VW plantVW plant On Wednesday in the East Frisian Emden. At the end of production,, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung ara (HAZ) did not want to approve a report, but the production of electric cars in favor of the conversion, che This is an option, sonunda he said.

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"HAZ" wrote on Wednesday that the company was planning production for Passat in Germany in 2022. In addition, "Handelsblatt" recently signed similar plans. The background of this is the reduction in demand for limousines that affect the production of the core brand built in Emden, which is particularly short-lived.

Bernd Osterloh, Volkswagen's working council chief, had asked the auto giant's board of directors to pay attention to the capacity utilization of the plant at Emden. "If the trend is true electromobilityelectromobility Of course, we need an electric vehicle in Emden, "he said In August, we just want to accept the Ağustos Future Pact ında – 290,000 vehicles in 2020. "(Dpa / rs)

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