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Press reviews: "Pretty good": "110 Police Call" criticism from Rostock – celebrities, curiosities, TV

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Shiny or extreme? Rostock's "110 calls the police" gets very different criticism. This is unquestionably: it goes smoothly to the point. Press reviews.

A contribution BACK– "Justice" sounds good. Still – or just because of the leitmotif – "Janina calls" a "110 police" with good score. In any case, critics agree. Some people have one of the best cases in Rostock, while others come over and over (this is what the police call "Janina"). Press reviews.

"Police 110" a criticism: Rostock has never been better

A bit too far. The motivation of many actors to risk everything they stand, does not come here. Good players even help a lot. The book doesn't do it better. Hamburger in the morning mail

He attacks someone for "Janina." The better Rostockers left you in a moral dilemma, then seldom unanimously – angry and helpless – they ride on a bike, it hurts, it's pretty good. world

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Getiren Justice d at the beginning of the ARD theme week: a strong, unstable psycho-thriller that raises fundamental ethical and ethical questions. TV movie


"110. Call the Police": Who determines where?

The fact that the King of Katrin is completely ugly and helps to find the truth may be due to the ARD theme week in "justice", but it seems very well built. But since Bukow is planning something more curved, we are happy to accept this curve. Everyone here is a Knower; Bukov and the King have each other. An almost perfect investment for the future in Rostock. New Zürcher Zeitung

In Rostock, it's always more fun, more open, more radical – and also cute, on Sunday evening. NTV

An exception is crimi. The author (with Anika Wangard) and director Eoin Moore don't have much trouble finding grotesque, sombre images in Rostock; he always lets the two policemen, who are full of the legality of the police, go in the spirit of justice. This is nice. Daily level

Press comments: Police are very noisy and humorous from Rostock

Certainly, even with the existing cases, the commission members are not easy. This professor König is growing quite a lot, it's not quite obvious, and many other scenery seem to have been built a bit. However, the thriller is worth seeing, because this idea is interesting, players always offer great performance and dry humor that characterizes the team, this time is not too short – Commander Pöschel sends greetings. Focus Online

Cleverly, director Eoin Moore puts the book he and Anika Wangard wrote. Everything is close to the characters and the situation, with the impressive annulment of obvious generalizations. Frankfurter Rundschau

A thought about the rule of law in Haudraufmodus: Despite the strong, exciting moments, this Rostock dair police call # is too high and witty due to the difficult issue. Mirror Online


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