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Plan your own ministry: Scholz against extended service for soldiers



Professional soldiers are now retiring at the age of 62, some officers are 65 years old.

Professional soldiers are now retiring at the age of 62, some officers are 65 years old.(Photo: dpa)

November 17, 2018, Saturday

Soldiers retire much earlier than other officers. In a letter to the Defense Ministry, colleagues from the finance department demand that this practice be changed. They don't even get support from their own ministers.

At the same time, Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz denied that the military also reduced retirement costs for a longer working period. Scholz held "clearly nothing" and the ministry spokesman said he would not support an idea from his ministry. Ir At the technical level, a number of proposals were once again discussed as to how the Bundeswehr could increase its attractiveness in line with its current budget. "

Spiegel had previously written a letter to the Minister of Defense, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. According to the report, in his letter of 24 October, "the Federal Ministry of Finance calls for an increase in the general and special age limits of professional soldiers to maintain operational preparation of the Bundeswehr." This may reduce pension costs accordingly.

In addition to the other reasons, the Ministry of Finance addresses increasing life expectancy and personnel issues in the Bundeswehr. As a result, an extension of the service for the military at 170,000 Bundeswehr "command". Generals and colonies should serve up to 65 years of age to all professional soldiers. If this is not applied, a legal package offered to increase staff readiness cannot be supported. According to "Spiegel", officials can retire from 56 and 41 and more from pilots.

FDP Enfer demanded Commission

Meanwhile, the FDP parliamentary group wants to resolve the ongoing problems of the Bundeswehr's operational preparation for a commission commission. The previous efforts of the Department of Defense were more than insufficient and non-transparent, and the FDP vice president criticized Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. The application was made on Friday.

"The big coalition has now made more money for the Bundeswehr, but this alone is not enough." The principle of watering canned brings nothing to our soldiers. Finans The defense politician further suggested that the Bundestag, together with experts, should shed light on the consistent problems of materials, personnel and finance, and propose solutions.

The Bundeswehr was significantly reduced and liberated after the end of the East-West conflict. Meanwhile, despite the increasing defense budget, large military equipment remains only partially operational. Investigation committees are parliamentary committees, including external experts, unlike committees.



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