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Pietro Lombardi: Speaks a simple language


Finally! The 26-year-old Pietro Lombardi reveals and reveals what really happened with the rumors of love surrounding Clea-Lacy Juhn. His answer leaves room for speculation.

Pietro Lombardi talking about Clea-Lacy Juhn

Is Pietro Lombardi and Clea-Lacy Juhn secretly involved? double? For weeks, rumors continue. Because the singer and "License "The winners dazzle themselves, as can be seen on the dates shared by everyone. how OK! Observed: Pie or Clea will not publish a snapshot on Instagram, and the other is one of the first. Is everything just a coincidence?

Now, 26 years old is confronted with rumors of love.

I can here and officially testify. not my darlingI'm not saying that Clea isn't a beautiful woman. But there will never be a relationship with her,

it did "DSDS"-Juror contrasting "RTL" clear. In Instagram, he wrote and wrote:

In short, I wanted to clarify to all the media and fans: Clea and I are not a couple, because we create a thumb in our pictures. She's a dear woman, no question, but we're not, and there won't be a couple (…) So happy single,

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"You're a dream couple"

Their supporters would allow Pietro Lombardi. In the end since then separation Sarah Lombardi doesn't have new girlfriends. There were rumors of love for Clea-Lacy Juhn and when his followers turned to him, his followers were on fire.

You're the one perfect couple.

They wrote very enthusiastic about social media.

But apparently the spark (yet) has not been missed. But what not, still can. And who knows: Maybe this is just a clever distraction, so the two can recognize each other in peace. One thing is clear: The cake became more cautious after the disappointment with Sarah. His fans would love him a new love chance in any situation from the heart.

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