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Obituary: the great sadness after the death of the legend of GDR Rolf Hoppe




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The theater and film world mourns actor Rolf Hoppe. With him, the German-speaking action üt lost a characteristic character actor and one of his great talents ”, said Culture Minister Monika Grütters (CDU) in Berlin on Friday.

"Theater, television and film actor has written a few German-German films and television history." The family of Hoppe died at the age of 87 in her house on the outskirts of Dresden.

Grütters said he likes to play with very talented and free rhythm and breathes in the details of the characters of the role models. "It was wonderful art and clever conversation."

"A world star from Dresden to the world"

In addition, the president of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer (CDU) for "a big world has left this world". "Sorry," said Dresden. For many Saxons "a friend of the family" died. Hoppe lived and acted on stage and in front of the camera.

Saxon Art Minister Eva-Maria Stange (SPD) praised her as "the great actors of the past 60 years". She was gone, "a world star born from Dresden." De New in each role derec and, tremendously multi-layered ”and praised mimin's interchangeability, but also human, in the scene, in the actor, in the actor and in the, tremendous presence aktör of the audience. Many fans, in social networks "He was the best!"

Bodo Ramelow (left), the President of Thuringia, praised Hoppe as a great man and a brilliant player. "The last curtain has fallen, but I left a concise job!" He tweeted after the Thursday evening announcement. Born in Thuringia, as stubborn Dirk Neumann said, Hoppe had drowned in peace around his family.

DEFA's Indian movies

Oscar-winning film "Mephisto" was generally recognized in Hoppe in 1981. Since 1963, he has completed more than 400 films and stage roles, as well as in all the classical theatrical episodes, in DEFA's Indian films such as, bad man of service ten and; three nuts for Cinderella yana. Production has long been a cult and every year is part of the Advent program. He tweeted a fan of "Thank you for your wonderful Christmas since our time."

A character actor was also requested in Germany. "Schtonk!" Was in front of the camera for important productions such as "Mario and the Magician" or "Comedian Armonists". He has also worked in comedies such as "Everything is sugar" and "Crime scene" Crime. But his heart, in the foothills of Dresden in 1995, was set up on a farm, which would run the directorate.

He won several awards

Just last year, Hoppe won several awards – his life in Annämer-Buchholz and the Märchenfilmfestival Award on the orders of the Dresden Semper Opera Ball.

Kısa Most importantly, I'm hung up in small roles, Hop Hoppe said in an interview shortly before his 85th birthday, which he made three years ago. "The most important thing is a good house." Hoppe smoked his pipe – he prescribed cigarettes in the 1940s.

Hoppe has not retired in recent years: "I love to work, but also a nice job." It was just supposed to be more economical with his power. One of his projects: his own theater. In 1995, the player bought a farm in the outskirts of Dresden, and according to the theater's website, Hoftheater founded Dresden with his friends. But for several years she was just there as a spectator.

Work as a coach and baker

Ord Spielwut ub Hoppe lived for the first time in an amateur theater group in his hometown of Ellrich at the south end of Harz. At that time, the Thuringian earned his money as a coach and baker. General Göring, as István Szabó's rival of Klaus Mann's acclaimed film adaptation of Klaus Mann's novel "Mephisto", saw him as well known internationally in 1980. Hoppe also showed Hoppe's world class as the father of pianist Clara Schumann in Peter Schamoni's n Spring Symphony Ayrıca. A few times at the Salzburg Festival, Mammon's "Everyman".

Shooting abroad

Since 1963, Hoppe has filled more than a hundred movie and stage roles and has shaped almost all the classical and funny figures of world literature in the theater. He never lost the penalty for turning his back on the GDR when he was shooting abroad. And at the same time in the new film in Germany, "Bronstein children", "Schtonk!" And he played "Mario and the Wizard."

There were only two white points in more than 50 years of careers: vard I don't play a child killer, vard the actor was once considered the eden bad guy of the service 50. The other exception is quite unintentional: the role of a beloved has never been offered to him. Adı A fat man can love it. Sev The balance sheet didn't knock. Edi I have a good life., There was no fear of death, he only wished a tolerable transition. "When the time comes, it's time."

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