Friday , January 22 2021

No more colds: researchers are developing a super molecule for the common cold

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The cold period starts on wet and cold days. Cough, runny nose and hoarseness are annoying friends during autumn and winter. It can be aligned with the drugs against the complaint. So far an effective solution for cold is not available. Only symptoms like headache, cough and other irritating side effects can be relieved with drugs. But this may change soon.

Super molecule IMP – 1088 prevents the growth of common cold viruses

Colds can soon be a thing of the past. A British research team around Dr. Aurelie Mousnier of Queen & apos; s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland has developed a substance that protects the common cold viruses (known as rhinoviruses) from replicating today in the body. For over four years, the British have been investigating the artificial super molecule they call IMP-1088. His work was published in the journal "Doğa Kimyası".

This is how biologists went: they were not viruses or viruses, but they examined human host cells for the virus. These cells need all rhinovirus types equally.

This is how the super molecule works: it starts in host cells and fights the virus itself. Human cells are not damaged. IMP-1088 inhibits human protein N-myristoyltransferase, which requires self-replicating cold viruses. Replication will be stopped shortly. Only a few hours after the treatment can be a significant improvement. The molecule must be effective against all types of Rhinus viruses. There is no risk of resistance to existing drugs.

So far, the molecule has only been tested in the laboratory.

This may be an important breakthrough because there is no universal drug against rhinoviruses with more than 160 different pathogen types. They develop drug resistance in a versatile and fast way. Until now, cold symptoms may be freed from cold symptoms.

However, the researchers have only tested the substance of the laboratory. The molecule needs further investigation until it is approved and available to consumers. As reported in "Bild am Sonntag", it can only be valid in 10 years. Biologist Aurelie Mousnier takes the form of the most appropriate nasal spray, because common cold viruses are spread through the nose and pharynx at the beginning of an infection.

Until the drug is found, the researcher recommends that you take account of the following to avoid colds: adequate sleep, vitamin-rich nutrition, regular handwashing and, if possible, no confrontation. (EVIL)

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