Friday , May 20 2022

Munich: AFD politician Ebner-Steiner should leave the café at Haus der Kunst der – News Bayern


In the Bavarian state parliament, AFD leader Katrin Ebner Steiner visited the "Gold Bar" in Munich's Haus der Kunst and was asked to leave again.

The AFD fraction leader Katrin Ebner-Steiner in the Bavarian state council was completed with a restaurant in Munich. On Wednesday, he was with a girlfriend at the restaurant on Tuesday and served at the outset. However, they had not received the food already ordered. Instead, the owner of the "Golden Bar" came to his table and asked him to go to the bar.

Both had to pay something accordingly, and the landlord had placed a ten-euro bill on the table for parking fees. Although Ebner-Steiner and his companion were legally correct, they did not want to cause a stir and overtake. "This was entirely political-political and directed against AfD." Said.

A spokesman for Haus der Kunst did not want to comment on the case. Bulundu We basically don't inform guests, “he said, but referred to multicultural artists, exhibitions and staff in the Museum of Contemporary Art. (Dpa / LBY)

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