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Macau's Formula 3 show: Mick Schumacher races on fathers' tracks



Mick Schumacher wants to sign up as the third Schumacher on the list of the winners of Formula 3 in Macau.

Mick Schumacher wants to sign up as the third Schumacher on the list of the winners of Formula 3 in Macau.(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

November 17, 2018, Saturday

Mick Schumacher is already in European title in Formula 3. Now he is aiming to put an end to his glorious season at the World Final in Macau. The first Schumacher would not have won the prestigious race in the famous street circuit.

His father has so far won a young man in Macau and now Mick Schumacher is aiming for the victory in Formula 3's prestigious World Final. "The Macau Grand Prix is ​​a race with a great history, and most of the winners are among the most successful drivers in history, başarılı the 19-year-old season finale said:, It's also a great honor for me on the winner list."

In this win list, Schumacher appears twice. In 1990, Michael Schumacher, the founder of Mick's World Champion, won the victory in China. Five years later, his uncle Ralf was undefeated. Mick wants to perfect his "Schumi-Dreierpack" and crown his glorious season. "I'm proud to come here as a European champion, ağ said Schumacher, who started as usual for the Italian Prema team. Kazanmak It's a race that every Formula 3 driver wants to win, and I'll do my best to do it. Için 1983) came to the podium.

Optimism despite tire dampers

Schumacher, Macau, joins the 2017 race for the second time, despite the fastest race round, he was 16 years old. But this time, "Quick Mick" is moving with a very different self-confidence on the good six-kilometer route that doesn't forgive any mistakes. Schumacher is still the European champion in the second half of the season with his incredible eight wins.

In Macau's regular Formula 3 season, Schumacher may be dueling with Red Bull Junior Dan Ticktum. A better start for the race weekend again caught Ticktum. While the 19-year-old was the winner of the previous year's race at Pole Postion, Schumacher failed to pass the ninth in a chaotic qualification.

Dı Not everything went smoothly, but in Macau, everything is possible, we have speed, Mac he wrote in Twitter. Qualified race decides on the starting grid for the main race (Sunday, 8.30 CET / Eurosport). For Schumacher, Macau offers “the perfect way to explore personal boundaries Sch. The city circuit is one of the most challenging racetracks anywhere, with dangers everywhere. Instead of run-off zones, there are collision barriers. But Schumacher likes challenges. "The race is what I dream of, I am constantly working on it, it is exhausting, difficult, challenging, complex, just wonderful," he continues.

Macau, after deciding how to continue Schumacher in the future. It is believed that the increase to Formula 2 is likely, not to take steps 1 to Formula 1. But the first-class record is eagerly waiting for the son of the world champion. World champion Lewis Hamilton finally said he was "100 percent confident" that a Schumacher was represented on lightning. But first, Mick Schumacher walks his father's footsteps in Macau.



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