Saturday , October 23 2021

Liveticker: Chemnitz speaks with the chancellor – also in the live stream


14:40 | Also critical sounds

Merkel critics continue to soften the obstacles.

14:35 | Non-public background speech

In these minutes, a 90-minute conversation between the representatives of the city and the Chancellor takes place behind closed doors in Chemnitz. Among the 20 interlocutors are members of the CDU Bundestag, citizens of Chemnitz, business representatives and Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer.

14:30 | Chemnitzer says Merkel's visit

Our reporters walk through Chemnitz. What about the visit of the Federal Chancellor? A Chemnitz woman said: "I don't know what he wants! It's too early for the Christmas market and it's too late for events." A market trader finds a visit to the benefit of the Chancellor in general – and these interviews are sought. But, "What makes me uncomfortable as a dealer is the road closures that stop people from coming to the city, maybe a little late, because the event referred to by the visit is already back for a while. But, of course, Miss Merkel has many appointments." We're not happy! Onun Said a Chemnitzer, and in his opinion angered to visit late. ”Now he went after many ministers and he was already there, but if he were better, he would take the initiative and the others would come later.“

14:13 | Daniel H. criticizes his neighbor OB Ludwig

The neighbor of Daniel H., who was killed in August, told a journalist from MDR SACHSEN that the conversation was never late, and he criticized OB Ludwig for a visit that arrived late for the visit. He also expressed his respect for being ”doing this” with Merkel. When he asked his politicians about his wishes, he said he wanted the terms to be limited and he was criticizing the irregular migration.

13:55 hrs: OB Ludwig: citizens must be reunited

"Today we have to look ahead, we have a lot of new citizens in our city, we are trying to integrate them, we are going to great lengths, but we are always pushing our boundaries and this may be part of today's speech. What matters is that society is polarized for various reasons: This is what is associated with everything that the federal government has to do behind the ideas that make this country so powerful, it helps in Chemnitz, and we shouldn't forget that when the events in Chemnitz were not decided how to interpret the events here, has already helped. "

13:38 | People are quite interested instead of frustrated

Readers involved in the forum "Freie Presse" are more interested and open. Not angry. For example, a woman said she wanted to deal with the diesel scandal. When a man starts an investigation into the death of Daniel H., he says that if what is, is not clear what it is, something is implicit.

1:32 pm | Wide barriers

According to a journalist from MDR SACHSEN, everything was cordoned off. "Normal" citizens have a very low chance of getting ahead.

12:55 | Merkel meets Niners in Chemnitz

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