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Live broadcast and TV "Bridge – The Finale": You see another part of the crime series.


Bridge – Final in ZDF
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Today 18.11.2018, another episode "The Bridge – The Finale" on television. If you don't want to miss the crime series, then you must join. ZDF Open: Let's start with Part 1 22:00 watch, If you prefer to watch TV online: ZDF also offers a clear live stream,

Today on TV "Bridge – Finale": On the subject

Swedish Criminal Commissioner Saga Norén is back. At the beginning of the fourth and final season, the devoted researcher is still in custody. Suspecting that Saga killed his mother. He gets his release with the help of his partner and his friend Henrik. At the skirt of the Oresund Bridge, a woman was brutally murdered in the island of Pepparholm – she was stoned to death. The murdered woman was Margarethe Thormod, Managing Director of the Danish Immigration Office in Copenhagen. It may cause a scandal about a deportation decision that attracts the public. Danish researchers Henrik Sabroe and Jonas Mandrup took over the case and followed a few tracks. One is taking it to Red October, a radical leftist group that threatens the immigration office. And the target is Taariq Shirazi, an Iranian refugee who disappeared after rejecting his asylum application. Saga can barely survive from a prisoner in Norén prison. During his time in the clinic, he was informed that the Supreme Court had violated the sentence imposed on him. He resumed his duties and was locked into the case of Henrik. The four episodes "The Bridge – The Finale" will start at 22.00 on Sundays. (Text: ZDF transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

"Bridge – Finale" watch online: ZDF-Mediathek and Wiederholung on TV

Can't you see "The Bridge – The Finale" today at 22:00? Just take a look at the ZDF media library. The broadcast offers a large number of online TV broadcasts on demand – and in particular after the broadcast on televisionA repeat on the TV in ZDF will not be available at this time.

"Bridge – Finale": all the actors at a glance

with: Sofia Helin, Thure Lindhardt, Dag Malmberg, Sarah Boberg, Kirsten Olesen, Rafael Pettersson, Ann Petrén, Sonja Richter, Maria Kulle and Christopher Laesso

mostLocation: 18.11.2018

most: ZDF

Watch: one

style: Crime series

NominalPublished 12 years ago

year of production: 2017

length: 110 minutes (from 22:00 to 23:50)

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