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How the intestine talks with brown fat


"Surprisingly, we have defined the secret as a key factor," says Professor Martin Klingenspor.
Else Kröner-Fresenius-Nutrition Medicine Center
Secretin is a long-known intestinal hormone.

Up to now, nutrition medicine has assumed that this peptide, as a precursor, essentially fulfills gastrointestinal functions. How acidified cumin promotes the secretion of water and bicarbonate from the pancreas as soon as it is released from the stomach into the small intestine. In addition, secrete through the bloodstream as a messenger to promote toughness in the brain. Until recently.

Secretin ignites energy consumption

The new study emerged with molecular biological studies (transcriptome sequencing), which is also expressed in the brown adipose tissue of the gene for the glaze receptor. Prof Klingenspor, "If we exclude this receptor secreted in brown fat cells, we can observe the immediate action of thermometer without jitter," he explains.

Communication between brown fat and brain

Non-shattered thermogenesis is the typical mechanism of the formation of brown heat of temperature, but does not consume only energy. Research shows that thermogenesis without shaker is a prerequisite for toughness in the brain.

There are three possible communication channels from brown oil to brain:

1. Increased temperature in the brain,
2. Neural connections from brown to brain or
3. Special precursors of brown oil, so-called BATokine.

Professor Klingenspor of the EKFZ sees the most likely possibility of heat generation at present: u Thermogenesis in brown oil causes warming of the blood and a slight increase in temperature in the brain; This activates neurons that signal saturation. "

Brown fat plays an important role in toughness

The previous valid assumption, which causes the secret to act directly in the brain in certain nerve cells, leads to saturation and alleviates the feeling of hunger, is reviewed with these findings. "Brown adipose tissue was placed as such as a relay station". It summarizes the result of Klingenspor.

The newly discovered communication chain between the intestine and the brain begins with the release of the epidemic during eating, resulting in the activation of brown lipid thermogenesis and warming in the brain, increasing toughness. For example, food-borne thermogenesis in brown oil consumes energy and enriches you – important factors in the treatment and prevention of significant obesity epidemic in almost all over the world.

Naturally stimulates secretory production and fills you faster

Is this the right "drug" in this context? "No" brings clarity to Klingenspor. It is unfavorable for a chronic stimulation of the pancreas. However, it sees the possibility of naturally stimulating secretory production through some foods,, the right appetizer can fill you faster and thus reduce the amount of calories you receive. Ancak Which foods are taken into consideration here is the subject of further studies.

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