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Heute Show (ZDF): Oliver Welke breaks the mood of the audience – Celebrity TV

Today Show (ZDF): Oliver Welke shocked with a bad announcement – "I'm breaking the weekend mood"

Show Today: The program is managed by Oliver Welke.

Show Today: The program is managed by Oliver Welke.

Photo: ZDF / Sascha Baumann

Shock? Mourning? Or maybe more anger? Friday night Show todayAlready the audience in the first moderator Oliver Welke's sentence did not decide which emotional world he would appear on.

Because rarely a problem started Show today He's very controversial about the ZDF. Ğ I'm going to ruin your mood right away at the weekend, Ol says Oliver Welke. But what was going on?

"Today Show" (ZDF): Shocked Oliver Welke

Welke continues: “Donald Trump will be re-elected as president next year!” Oh, did the Bugün Show Today sun server suddenly discover the prophecy, or did he buy a glass ball in the Cologne garbage shop next door?


This is the "Show Today":

  • "Show Today" is a German satire show
  • The program name was selected according to the heute and heute-journal news formats.
  • Moderator Oliver Welke
  • The production company is Prime Productions GmbH, Cologne.
  • The program has been published since 2009
  • A range lasts from 30 to 45 minutes
  • The show will be produced in Cologne
  • "Today Show" is the German adaptation of the US news hijacker "The Daily Show".
  • Guest journalists include Lutz van der Horst, Nico Semsrott, Martin Sonneborn, Olaf Schubert and Dietmar Wischmeyer.
  • Schlager star Florian Silbereisen and comedian Luke Mockridge appeared as guest stars on Heute Show


No, Oliver Welke has a reason to make that statement. “Because Trump fans in the US are crazy about how abusive Orange Man's office is here. There are public dismissal hearings in Washington. Everything's on the table. Personally, Trump, as we know this week, has requested two phone calls from an investigation into Ukraine's rival Joe Biden. "

"Show Today": Will Oliver Welke be right?

But it doesn't seem to bother the supporters of the incumbent US president. That's enough reason for Oliver Welke to paint Trump on the wall.

+++ "Today Show" shows this photo – and now she can have a lot of trouble with the police +++

Then we wonder if Welke is right.

Next year, people in the United States will elect a president. It is not yet clear to anyone who challenges Donald Trump from a democratic perspective. Last week, another US billionaire threw his hat into the ring.

Whether he will compete with the billionaire in the office will show the coming months. more >>>

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