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Hamburg-Harburg: How do you contribute to the death of a small child?


David B. (37) met his two children after work on the street and took them shopping. The only thing he could take home again: his four-year-old son Jonathan was shocked by the supermarket. Yesterday, the district court started with the trial of the shopkeepers in Harburg.

In a mouthed voice, Jonathan's anger, Makbull B., expresses his feelings before the trial begins:, Our son is out of life forever, but we want to make a judgment about what happened. Dur .

Makbull B.'s aunt was not allowed to bring the flowers into the room.

Makbull B.'s aunt was not allowed to bring the flowers into the room.

Türkan D. (48) and Erol A. (44) operators are said to have incorrectly installed the power line of an LED transformer by themselves or through a third party. Therefore, when the stream touches the cash register next to the child and receives a fatal blow, it must pass through a metal rail near the cash register.

At the beginning of the trial, Jonathan's father tells the day when the family's life has changed forever: After working as a mason with his two sons Luca and Jonathan, he went to the supermarket on 1 June 2016. Her youngest boy sat in the car seat in the shopping cart, the elderly people were wearing them for his safes.

"Her lips turned blue"

When 37-year-olds in the vault put the goods on tape, Jonathan asked if he could step into the car. "Yes," he replied. Then be quiet.

When David A. looked at him, Jonathan remained still in the railing. They say the child has one leg caught in a shopping cart. He was on his arm. His eyes were very clear, "he said," daddy, there are a few relatives in the courtroom. Even David A. has to divide his expression repeatedly to swallow tears. "

Sevnik B., mother of the dead child

Sevnik B., mother of the dead child

"I thought it was immediate, and then I tried to set him free." He was given an electric shock: "My hand began to blend and began to match."

He was very strong, finally able to free his son, who was only giving a rattle: "His lips began to turn blue before his last breath."

Defense wants acquittal

In the beginning, no one should have responded to screams for help, but then a random doctor should help bring Jonathan to a stable side and call an ambulance.

In the UKE, Jonathan died a day later of cardiovascular insufficiency. A person who is already in place has detected brain death, the right doctor Axel Heinemann who has so far carried out the autopsy.

The hearing will continue on November 8th, including a technical expert to clarify the issue of negligence. The defense thought he'd been acquitted before. But this may not be understood by the child's family as a sign of compassion.

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