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"Geil": Osnabrück leaders fight for words – 3rd league


2-1 wins against Uerdingen

VfL Osnabrück provided a very good victory against KFC Uerdingen as the league leader in the third league. On Monday night, Marcos Alvarez played a 2-1 victory penalty and carried the stadium on the Bremen bridge to its foundations. Only the head coach Daniel Thioune sought the final whistle for utter suffering for a proper assessment.

VfL Osnabrück's 2: 1 winners after Jubeltraube

No stopping: After the 2-1 victory against KFC Uerdingen, the VfL Osnabrück players and fans celebrate the corner flag.

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The earthquake was determined in the third minute of the stop time: VfL Osnabrück threw everything in the best match against KFC Uerdingen because of the possibility of a late victory. The defender Manuel Konrad had a ball in the penalty area. Hands played, referee Daniel Schlager immediately gave a legitimate penalty. Alvarez took over before Osnabrück took the responsibility for Fankurve, KFC player René Vollath turned to the corner flag in a collective cheer and closed. "Zekice", the match, the current situation of the team, "Telekom Sports", where six counters instead of falling in the first place stopped.

Praise for Golfer Danneberg

Shortly after the VfL promoted from Uerdingen did not have to score three points, he was seen in an intense and atmospheric top match. Because Christopher Schorch's guests pioneered the title. But only seven minutes later, Lila Weisses of Tim Danneberg found the right answer: after Alvarez's free kick, the injured Ulrich Taffertshofer team scored a 1-1 score. "Tim had to wait a long time, then it comes standard, because you can see its quality, and that makes me an incredible target," says coach Thioune after the break, giving a sense of rollercoaster. Swipe it briefly, but then you're right there again. "

"We're kicking each one's ass for that."Tim Danneberg claims to protect the league leader

The score was now 1 – 2. After 66 minutes, Uerdingen 's Maximilian Beister' s shot was blocked by a player from Osnabrück. However, the impulsive phase of VfL, which had the chance of unluckiness in a deflated shot of Bashkim Renneke, was only awarded with a penalty goal of Alvarez. Inde It sounds dumb, but as it says, requires eggs in 93 minutes, e Thioune said, "there was always the hope of a lucky punch her – and the goal in the final was no more lost in the final whistle, no longer held in the coaching zone. "Incredible", the 44-year-old told the moment, and it was almost difficult to find the right words with the midfielder Danneberg. "Usually crazy," said the 32-year-old. "I have one word: cool!"

Daniel Thioune, Marcos Alvarez

Jubilee: Osnabrück coach Daniel Thioune applauded the winning goalkeeper Marcos Alvarez on the corner flag.

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He thought beforehand of the veteran, "Right now, the cargo of emotions full of euphoria that we have to carry as long as possible and only as great as possible." Alvarez added, "We can go anywhere, we know how the last season went, and we should continue to work like all times." The fact that VfL wasn't willing to give up the six-point advantage of the relegation, Danneberg explained: avantaj You can count on it: we're kicking each one's ass V.


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