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Fifa: Infantino's agreement as a political weapon – Sports


  • Fifa President Infantino's agreement is not only commercial, but also instrumentalization of football for political interests.
  • There is much to suggest that Infantino can be used for its own purposes against Qatar, the targets of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

between Claudio Catuogno and Thomas Kistner

If you want to see a FC Bayern match in the Champions League at home, you pay for it, the paid TV broadcaster Sky and Dazn streaming service. And the Bundesliga Friday match is now paid by Eurosport. These are the most recent indicators of how tightly controlled football is under control: television, internet or commercial products, fan, wallet is more than ever.

Brazilian Neymar moved from Barcelona to € 222 million in Paris. The totals today were unthinkable: donors from the Gulf region made it possible. Just like in the media mirror Among those watched in "Soccer Leaks," how even a few industry rules tend to make the rich even richer.

Now comes the news: Fifa President Gianni Infantino plans to sell the core business of the World Football Association to investment companies. It feels like the next inevitable step to raise more money than football.

The plans are currently a Saudi on the boat, pointing to political goals

Only: Why is this scam hiding and chasing in front of all other stubborn officers? Because the Fifa boss, who works for the Arab and Asian business partners mainly, does not need to be commercialized as a priority. It is also about the instrumentalization of the world's biggest entertainment tool, where policies around the world can be made. Recall President Vladimir Putin and FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.

The fact that the intensely followed plans are now Saudis in the ship indicates the political goals Infantino can spend. Recently a permanent guest at Riyadh. Interestingly, the league, purchased by the Pirate broadcaster BeIn, is interesting enough, without taking a serious step against the local pirate channel BeoutQ & # 39; s pirating and broadcasting of football broadcasts for the World Cup and international matches.

Infantino must go

The Fifa selling site must end the presidency of Gianni Infantino. Nothing is more important for football.

Commentator Thomas Kistner

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If the Saudis have now become a major player in the Fifa cosmos, along with the Arab Emirate (UAE), which is also linked to the consortium partner Softbank, 2022 World Cup host Qatar: They can exert pressure on their enemies. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi boycott the Doha. This was not just tweeted by Qatar's claim to support terrorists, but by UAE intelligence chief Dhai Khalfan: tarafından If the World Cup leaves Qatar, the crisis will be (id) created for that. Bu

A controversial upper function centered on cold blooded ego

And Infantino – the man who is too naive to understand the reason for such an agreement? Not the secret business policy he works for, even if he is not an operational president. But at the same time everything that is known about the Fifa boss: Cold blooded equality, which stops his interests at the office, is unclear in 2019 as re-election. And finally, at least, the role reserved for him in the planned rights empire. The question arises: A controversial senior official working on a silent exit strategy?

There are political interests here, personal: they both point to a new threat to football. Beyond the old greed for business, he still sucks more dollars than the game.

Billions intrigue

$ 25 billion for Fifa! But what do the financiers want for that? Boss Gianni Infantino secretly prepared the final sale of world football.

By Claudio Catuogno and Thomas Kistner

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