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Crash for Franck Ribery: Summit of Watschn in Bayern Munich – News ticker


Watschn summit in Bayern Munich: At the moment, Säbener is decided to impose a penalty on Franck Ribéry's slap-up scandal.

  • On Wednesday, he arrives at the Watschn summit in Bayern Munich.
  • In the record championship office in Säbener Straße, it was decided whether a penalty would be imposed on Franck Ribéry's television expert to slap him in the face.
  • 2: 3 After the defeat in Dortmund on Saturday, the Bayern player must have slapped Frenchman and television expert Patrick Guillou.
  • Patrick Guillou arrived in Bavaria on Wednesday with his colleague Jean-Charles Sabattier. There, Guillou will speak with Bayern President Uli Hoeneß and the sport director Hasan Salihamidzic about the incident that occurred in Dortmund.
  • On Wednesday, former Bayern coach Pep Guardiola reached the Säbener road.


13:42: Will Franck Ribéry possibly escape before the Watschn incident? Torben Hoffmann, correspondent for Sky Sport News HD, reports from Säbener Straße: S How much the Bavarian approves of the action. Sky

13:24: Is the final decision on the penalty for Franck Ribery in the Bayern President Uli Hoeneß? Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic picture Hoeneß said he would be interested in "eliminating the matter".

13:15: Will the Watschn summit in FC Bayern Munich be held without Franck Ribery? Sky Sport News HD 's Torben Hoffmann said, "This conversation is still visible how far Franck Ribéry is." "She's still studying." Before meeting with Patrick Guillou, the Bavarian patrons gave Ribéry the opportunity to comment on the incident in Dortmund. It can also be considered that the Bavarian patrons of Ribéry will be interviewed by the experts on the television after the meeting.

00:42: According to Torben Hoffmann, a reporter at Sky Sport News HD, the Watschn summit is currently underway between TV expert Patrick Guillou, Uli Hoeneß and Hasan Salihamdizic. "They're sitting at a table trying to clean things up." According to the Sky correspondent, Franck Ribéry was still unable to attend the Watschn summit because he was trained. As a result of the speeches, Bayern Bayern will probably be announced today in a press release. Tools: Will Franck Ribéry be punished for the slap-up of TV experts? and if so, how high is the punishment?

2: 3 After the defeat in Dortmund on Saturday, the Bayern player must have slapped Frenchman and television expert Patrick Guillou. On Wednesday, the results of Ribéry will be discussed in Säbener Straße.

The summit of Watschn in Bayern Munich: Pep Guardiola in Säbener Straße

00:40: According to Sky correspondent Torben Hoffmann, the former Bayern coach Pep Guardiola came to Säbener Strasse this morning. Sky reporter Torben Hoffmann says: "He is visiting an old friend in the office. He also has an apartment in Munich, so this is not an unusual process.

00:39: Säbener is currently running the Watsch summit in FC Bayern Munich. As Sky reporter Torben Hoffmann reported on Twitter, Franck Ribéry's television expert, Patrick Guillou, came to the Bayern office Wednesday morning, accompanied by his TV colleague Jean-Charles Sabattier. pictureNewspaper notes: "They are looking for the right input, they seem nervous, they are entering the record championship service center."

As reported by Tabloid, he is expected to meet with President Uli Hoeneß and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. It is not clear whether Ribéry also participated in the reconciliation meeting. Sabah, participated in the training of the team.

Watschn for Ribéry: Now he's slapping himself in Bayern training

Munich – Three slaps, one won money: This is the Watschen balance of the last days for Franck Ribéry. As reported by Bein Sports, the Qatar TV channel, the aggressive man of FC Bayern München after the insolvency of Dortmund attacked French television expert Patrick Guillou. loud picture Ribéry is said to have slapped three. As the tabloid said, the player had a bong on Tuesday even when training on Tuesday:

picture He recounts the scene as follows: "12.24 hours: The final game during the public unit on the Säbener road. Ribéry gets into the hands of the young actor Kilian Senkbeil (19). It can be cured immediately by Florian Brandner. Then she rinses her mouth with water from the bottle. Half is too wild. A little later, the training continues for her. "

Tabloid reported that Ribéry should be in Bayern for a "fully concentrated" training on Tuesday. Does he want to compensate his discipline with his high-level performances in Dortmund? However, the French had to be injured after the training. loud picture Ribéry kept the left thigh / left hip area and pointed to problems. He then repeated the weight in the room.

How's it going to be in Bayern Munich? According to the information, a meeting with President Uli Hoeness, Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic, Franck Ribery and slapped TV expert Patrick Guillou will be held this week. After the Dortmund match, it must be decided whether or not Ribéry has been sanctioned for his actions.

Sender approved: Franck Ribéry attacked TV experts

Franck Ribéry was attacked by a French television expert after the defeat of FC Bayern Munich in Borussia Dortmund. pictureNews of the newspaper's 35-year-old French man reporter Patrick Guillou said he missed a few slap news came. At the same time, Bein Sports, Guillou's TV channel, explained the attack: "Franck Ribery disturbed Patrick Guillou and physically attacked him," he said at the request of the news agency. AFPNow, personally to accept the case of Bayern President Uli Hoeneß.

Like this picture Hoeness wishes to address the "world-created issue" personally – he has already announced the sporting director, Hasan Salihamidzic, into the tabloid. The event is now the top priority in Bayern.

This week a meeting with Hoeneß, Salihamidzic, Ribéry and Guillou will be held. picture He writes: "Only after this conversation you should decide whether FC Bayern Ribéry has the penalty."

While the newspaper continues to report, Franck Ribéry 's nerves are currently underway. The reason for this is that he is no longer satisfied with his performance: “Now his big career (including the 2006 World Championships) ends. In his most recent contract, Ribéry asked him to attack again. It was trained in addition to the summer break. But he still feels he doesn't work for him and Bayern. As in Dortmund, good performance despite the defeat can not prevent. "

Therefore, Ribéry slapped French TV expert Guillou three times after accusing him of two targets for Dortmund.

Collision for Franck Ribéry in Bayern: Isn't it the only event?

This should not be the only event in which the French overreacted: "Also in the Bayern cabin on the Säbener road, Ribéry is said to have had a disagreement with a longtime fitness instructor, Thomas Wilhelmi."

Ribéry is said to be the protective son of Hoeneß. The Bavarian president should also always have an open ear for the concerns of the French: "Problems with the coach concerned (Ancelotti example, the jersey attracted from the feet) or a new contract." read the report: "But now for the unrest in the team, the former star makes Ribéry and harms the reputation of the club. Does Hoeneß solve the problem?"

Franck Ribéry: Did FC Bayern Munich beat a TV expert?

Discussion with the TV expert: Face slapping by Franck Ribéry?

What exactly happened between the Bayern player Franck Ribéry and the French TV expert Parick Guillou from the defeat in Borussia Dortmund? Bayern sports director Hasan Salihamidzic confirmed pictureNewspaper event. FC Bayern's sports director, "Franck Ribéry, has informed us for years that he has a dispute with his well-known compatriot, Patrick Guillou." Said. Guillou, who used to be a football player, is a specialist in Qatar. beIN Sports,

"We agree with Patrick Guillou on Saturday night, and we'll talk about it in a face-to-face meeting today. Mr. Guillou said it was in his own interest," Salihamidzic continued.

It is not clear exactly what happened in Iduna Park after the 2: 3 defeat of FC Bayern Munich in Borussia Dortmund. It is clear that the record may come with breaking record-breaking professionals, such as traditional scenes confirmed by the Munich cabinet. Obviously one who eats a lot: Franck Ribéry. Like this picture In the report, he came to a duel until his final whistle. Before the team bus to FC Bayern, French TV expert and reporter Patrick Guillou together with the French wing.

According to the Bild newspaper, Ribéry can be palpated against the French television experts on Saturday evening at 21.20 pm. According to the tabloid newspaper, the following should have happened in front of the exit of the Signal Iduna Park's bus: gör Suddenly (a few witnesses and witnesses agree), Ribéry began to insult Guillou. Then the football professional with both hands in his pocket, hit his hand three times in the palm of his hand once hit the chest. Ex-Bayern star Jean-Pierre Papin (55), also "beIN" expert, was added to his stand Rafinha (33). Short mayhem, the angry Ribéry gets on the bus. "

, The scene took place at an angle behind the driver's bus. Those who do not stand next to it cannot decide whether or not Ribéry can really be palpable. The truth is: he was so furious that a few people had to keep him. When Bayern got on the bus, he turned twice, stopped on the steps and waved again with his index finger.

Face slap for TV experts? Why Franck Retire Ribéry?

After the event is over picture now it causes research. Why Franck Ribéry, after the ausrastete after the match in Dortmund, but the tabloid is not enlightened. Therefore, the image plus article "Reasons for the Ribéry Ausraster" just few guess.

"I want to have fun, play well and give my family a feeling of victory when I go to court. Then I'm happy. I'm really angry if I play bad and lose. It's always going to be like this." Is it enough as an explanation?

In addition, stresses pictureRibéry has a difficult relationship with French media. For example, after he resigned from the French national team in 2014, he did not speak to the media for four years in his country. The newspaper, Ribéry said: "I'll never forget this in some media. This wound is deep and it won't go away."

Wahiba Ribéry mocks on Instagram during Bayern game about Tv expert

So far, Ribéry and Guillou did not want to comment on what happened in front of the cabin exit at Signal Iduna Park's bus exit. Apparently, Ribéry was angered by an analysis of a television man who convinced two of the three Bayern targets.

Wahiba Ribéry, the wife of the Bayern pros, took part in a story in the league summit. "This awkwardness fed me," the player plundered about referee Manuel Gräfe.

And Guillou Wahiba was ready for a comment on the social network. "PS: Mr. Sabatier, don't forget to change your colleague, boring and unhelpful." Jean-Charles Sabattier (with two "t"); Schol. D. Red.Guillous a colleague at the TV station) beIN Sports,

One thing is for sure, at least thanks to the bankruptcy in Dortmund and make sure of the Ribéry event: don't miss the next few days in Bayern.

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