Friday , September 24 2021

Corona ticker: More new infections in the UK again

15:50: Scholz – Soon no more free corona tests

SPD chancellor candidate and Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) is putting an end to free corona tests for the foreseeable future. Scholz said in Hamburg that it is clear that the time will soon come when practically everyone can be vaccinated and not everyone can be tested for free. The Vice-Chancellor stressed that “if the next and next vaccine opportunities are not used now,” testing should no longer be done at the expense of taxpayers.

Scholz emphasized that it is important to convince more people to get a corona vaccine. Those who are skeptical may find that those who have been vaccinated are still healthy. “This is advice you can pass on to others.”

For now, it assumes that Corona precautionary measures, such as mask requirement on local public transport, will continue to be implemented in the fall and winter. “And it’s clear (…) we’ll definitely have to have rules for restaurant interiors, for example: You can get vaccinated, recovered (..), or you can get in there when you have a fresh one. There’s a test.”

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