Saturday , July 31 2021

Consumers: Opel has failed in urgent request against the mandatory recall of the Federal Motor Transport Agency

DIt failed in dispute with the Federal Motor Transport Office (KBA) on the recalling of nearly 100,000 diesel vehicles with the emergency application Opel, an emergency application. The Schleswig-Holstein Administrative Court in Schleswig said on Monday that there were "serious symptoms" that the KBA's opinion was correct. A rapid action to improve air quality is necessary environment and health "taking into account the high importance of relevant legal interests".

The KBA required the automobile manufacturer's Insignia, Cascada and Zafira models to recall their 96,000 cars from the construction world in 2013 by 2016. These types of vehicles have been found to be "unacceptable defeat devices". Approximately 32,000 cars were affected in Germany.

Opel has protested the claim and said that the car complies with regulations. In addition, 53,000 of the 96,000 vehicles received a software update. In early November, the company announced that it would clarify the dispute before the Schleswig-Holstein Administrative Court.

The administrative judges denied this request against the mandatory withdrawal on 9 November. The reputation damage introduced by Opel has already occurred because of the "good technology". On the contrary, the public interest prevails on the production of the legality of the vehicles in circulation. Opel may appeal the decision to the Supreme Administrative Court within two weeks.

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