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Configured: Model S and X: Tesla strongly increases prices | message

Just a few weeks ago, Tesla CEO's water Elon Musk Stromer warned against an upcoming interruption in design options for Model S and Model X. Only in the last year the possibilities for configuration were limited. A few days ago, this plan was implemented and updated the online configurator. The design and equipment options as well as the luxury Stromer prices have changed for many customers to surprise.

More expensive base model, more simple design and fewer options

The biggest change, the base model prices of Tesla flag ships (75D) increase. The 75D versions of Stromer are currently costing 1,500 Euros in Europe. However, there were no price changes in the 100D versions of the two luxury Stromer. Thus, Model prices in Europe started at € 69,019 and for Model X at 97,400 euros.

There have also been some cuts in existing design and equipment options.

By default, two luxurious Stromer now have a completely black interior. For the remaining two interior colors, "White Premium" and "Beige Premium" are now cheaper than 1,600 euros. The fabric lining previously delivered as standard can no longer be selected in the online configurator.

For families, canceling the rear-facing child seats on the body of the Model S should be a disappointment. However, e-car maker Tesla assumes that families should buy a larger (and more expensive) SUV Model X.

In addition, the model S panoramic glass roof is removed and the Model X loses its configuration for 6 people, including the center console.

Why all adjustments?

Over the years, the electric car manufacturer has reduced various options for the S and X models. If you put the current offer in competition, Tesla now offers the simplest offer in terms of equipment. According to the California-based company, these changes may be due to customers' buying behavior and preferences. In addition, a simplified production should talk in favor of reducing options. It is also noteworthy, however, that the electric car manufacturer makes a greater difference than the cheaper Stromer Model 3 & # 39;

According to the company, the changes "simplify product offerings to offer customers the best experience", he said.


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