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Charming Princess: Lou and Elsa kissing behind Irina?

Princess Charming 2021 is the first lesbian dating show on TVNOW.  Charming Princess Irina Schlauch meets candidate Lou.

The “Pincess Charming” Irina hose decided on the nominee Lou in the final. However, a relationship did not develop between them.

In the first season of “Princess Charming”, Irina Schlauch chose the nominee Lou in the final. Are you still a couple? The question was quickly resolved at the reunion show. A story about finalists Lou and Elsa caused a stir.

Crete / Cologne. A week after the finals aired, TVNOW held the “grand reunion” of the participants of “Princess in Charm”. The couple’s question was answered in a short time. Things got even more difficult with a rumored incident at the winner Lou’s birthday party.

“The Ugly Princess”: Irina and Lou a couple?

The viewership figures on TVNOW delighted those in charge of RTL. Critics were unkind to the otherwise trash TV genre, lauding it. Brand headlines for “Lesbian love can be so beautiful” weren’t uncommon for the first season of “Princess Charming.” Everyone agreed that this demonstration opened doors for tolerance and acceptance.

And then the first lesbian dating show created such a beautiful couple: In the finale, “Princess” Irina Hose decided on 21-year-old Lou from Saarland. “Thank you for captivating me so beautifully”, Irina breathed nine years older in the finale. But: have they both been a supposedly “real life” couple since filming ended?

“The Ugly Princess”: Irinia and Lou are not a couple

TVNOW has now responded on the folding show “The Great Reunion” and it’s really thought provoking. “No, we’re not a couple,” Irina replied to moderator Lola Weippert’s mandatory “couple” question. Everything that happened in Crete seems “one hundred percent correct” in retrospect, but: “It didn’t turn into a relationship.”

What was missing? Lou explained this by the fact that the attendees “perceive every emotion a hundredfold” in front of the cameras. This emotional intensifier evaporated after the end of shooting. After the final, they would both spend a day together in Crete. “Somehow it was very close, but friendly and platonic. It’s a little more than a relationship.”

Surprisingly, after the end of the Crete shoot, an encounter took place between Lou and the defeated finalist Elsa, apparently, and it is said to be nothing more than platonic friendliness. With this information, presenter Weippert came face-to-face with two former applicants at the TV studio.

“Princess Charming”: What happened after the finale between Elsa and Lou?

“We celebrated our birthday together,” Elsa confirmed in monosyllabic words. Before the broadcast premiere, Irina was not allowed to participate, so as not to spoil the result of the show. Lola Weippert: “So how was her birthday?” Lou: “It was funny!” When no one wanted to get out of the language, it became very colorful for the presenter: “I already know that there is something there”, he threatened – yes in vain. “I don’t want to comment on that,” Elsa blocked.

Lola Weippert added: “What I do know is that there were definitely kisses.” Lou also declined to provide any information, so “Princess” Irina was asked her assessment: “It’s something between the two,” said the Cologne lawyer. “Of course, the feeling is weird, but in the sense that they’re only two finalists.”

He couldn’t have been more convinced of the sensitive subject. And maybe it will stay that way. The graduates of the “Ugly Princess” first round don’t seem to want to do the dirty laundry. “We’re good to each other,” Lou said. (ch)

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