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Charlène von Monaco on her first official date after the collapse: pictures give a deep insight


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Princess Charlène of Monaco has been stranded in South Africa for months. Now she was able to attend her first official date. But the photos tell a lot.

Cape Town – Princess Charlène of Monaco has been stranded in South Africa for several months. ENT disease makes it impossible for them to fly. The princess has been separated from her family for months, except for a brief visit.

The kitchen of gossip about marital problems was also beginning to boil.

Charlène von Monaco on first official date since collapse

Fans of the princess were particularly worried because she was clearly affected by her illness in previous photos and even had to be hospitalized after a breakdown.

But now, Charlène seems to be better again – at least a little. Because the princess was able to attend her first official date since the collapse. In his native South Africa, he met the Zulu king Misuzulu kaZwelithini.

Charlène von Monaco meets the son of a deceased friend

Here the princess apparently wants to mediate a family dispute that arose after the death of King Goodwill Zwelithini. Charlène was friends with the deceased. On October 5, she came on a date with her son.

Photos of the meeting were posted on Instagram. The princess smiles at the camera. However, his difficulties and ill health are clearly seen in the pictures.

The once radiant princess looks very thin with a sunken face. However, the meeting is certainly an indication that Charlène von Monaco is in a slightly better position at the moment. This impression is also confirmed by the surprising new plans of the princess, which have just become publicly available. (rjs)

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