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BVB – Mats Hummels in FC Bayern: Didn't he play?

The patient entered the game, was a bit dazed and then left the field early.

Mats Hummels lived on his return to his former workout on a Saturday night to be forgotten. First, Bayern, despite the strongest season performance, lost 2: 3 (1: 0) in the Leaderboard Borussia Dortmund. For another, Hummels didn't play better.

Al I got sick today, ği he said 29-year-old actress, Niklas Süle took the place at the 65th minute. (All results at a glance)

Already on Friday, as the center defender Hummels said, el right after oy he was caught in health and alanmış to the right “:” I have to try in a game like this, first of all, for the game, second, for me personally. Zaten

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But the biting teeth of Hummels almost went back – for himself and Bayern.

10 minutes: Hummels is the last man to ruthlessly throw a ball into the midline. Dortmund stands in the Marco Reus free final, from Manuel Neuer, but leaves.

59 minutes: Hummels loses the ball in the center line without being protected again. Sancho pushes the accelerator, Hummels doesn't. British Paco Alcacer, Jerome Boateng but stands out at the last moment between.

Niko Kovac knew

"When I saw them in two scenes, you could see my head wasn't there, otherwise I haven't actually seen it since 2010, so it doesn't make sense after having said it a second time," Hummels self-critically said. "The first two times I've been unlucky, never scored a goal."

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Did Niko Kovac know the health of his defender? Yes, Hummels answered himself playfully. "The coaches, of course, knew I was mad because I couldn't say part-time, they were all dull and blurry."

And what does Niko Kovac say? "Part-time, our doctors gave him a medicine, it all went well, so I sent him back. If he had told me that it wouldn't be useful, I'd pick him up half-time." "extracted".

Matthew criticizes

Curious: Niklas Sule was sitting on the bench – healthy and rested because he did not play against Athens on Wednesday. 20 minutes after the regeneration of Sule was a cold start. Two minutes later he replaced Marco Reus, who scored 2-2 (67) instead of Hummels. Alcacer then scored 3-2 final (73 minutes). (Bundesliga Schedule)

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skyExpert Lothar Matthäus, Hummels publicly criticized his stakes: ya In such a game, you need eleven fighters who are fighting and physically perfect, perhaps with less experience than having an equal replacement with Sule. is also a German national player, this decision is not understood. "

ZDFExpert Oliver Kahn criticized Hummels for clearing his illness after the game. . You have to ask yourself: what's going on in the players? Oyun, said the former Bayern goalkeeper. Available sports studio: "I don't wait as a player and I don't care that I'm sick or say anything."

What does he have to do with it anyway? Before the international break, Dortmund has now developed a seven-point leader in Bayern.

Hummels, however, sees that the championship struggle has not yet been decided, but rather has a positive effect on the look of the guest, rather than on the old-fashioned act – even though he was personally used with him: "We should do our job and in the first half and in the second half over the next few weeks We have to build. "

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