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BVB attack – indictment seeks life imprisonment – Panorama


  • Borussia detonated two explosive devices next to Dortmund's bus, 29-year-old Sergei W. came to the pier.
  • In the sensational process, wobbles began.
  • She asked the court to consider the case as more than one attempted murder.

According to the office of the Prosecutor's Office, the man who organized a bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund (BVB) team bus in April 2017 must be in prison for life. Lawyer General Carsten Dombert said on Monday that the evidence shows that the 29-year-old defendant Sergej W. "has deliberately – bombarded – bombing" – seriously injured and killed players on the bus. Only then could the desired price drop of the BVB share be realized. Dombert interpreted the action as more than one attempted murder. Sergej W. had confessed to the trial early, but he denied that he was seriously hurting people with explosives, only interested in spreading terror. The attack had caused panic in the Borussia side.

A part of the disc or a shrapnel, footballer Marc Bartra was injured and operated. In the process, on the evening of April 11, 2017, a number of players appeared to fear their lives.

"I thought: I stopped playing football."

Matthias Ginter, the national player twice, was the target of the attacks. After that, professional football work continued as if nothing had happened. His world has changed.

Interview: Marc Baumann, SZ Magazine

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In 2006, Dombert was attacked by two Islamists who set up two bombs on suitcases in regional trains between Koblenz and Dortmund. They didn't explode. However, the Düsseldorf High District Court sentenced a person arrested in Germany on charges of attempted murder with life imprisonment. The Federal Court decided. Dombert also did not deny that the Russian feared defendant was only frightening, but did not want to seriously hurt anyone. A serious collapse of the BVB's share knew that only BVB's capital would be largely damaged or destroyed. And the "resources" of BVB is now the time of the players. There wasn't a little fear because Dombert didn't react so fast in the stock market. There was no price drop in the separation of BVB from the Champions League. The accused had to know that there were extensive research on the internet. The explanations are purely protective statements.

Sergei. W. wanted to manipulate BVB's stock price with an attack. The price had to go into the basement, so Sergei W. bought the warranties that would guarantee a profitable sale. However, the price just dropped a little.

At the attack on the BVB bus, Dombert immediately encountered three murders: secret, greed and the use of gemeingefährlicher. Especially betrayal, because the players do not see themselves exposed to the bus and cannot defend themselves. The prosecutor does not see a certain degree of guilt.

There were no defendants in the case. He barely spoke, but he tried to apologize from Marc Bartra. He gave up that gesture.

Sergei Will defend his defense on Thursday. She's assuming her client isn't building it to intentionally hurt the bombs. In addition to Bartra, a motorcycle police officer was injured during the attack: He suffered an explosion trauma. The decisive factor was whether the court saw the act of Sergei W. as a purposeful attempt to kill football players. The decision is expected to be made on 27 November.

Marc Bartra left Dortmund behind

He was the only player seriously injured in the attack on the BVB bus, and now turned into defender Betis Sevilla. Also Monday, he told the court how experiences are traumatic with the explosion.

By Ulrich Hartmann

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