Thursday , May 19 2022

Boeing 737 Max 8: The pilots' critique after the Lion Air crash


Flight Simulator by Lion Air


Flight Simulator by Lion Air

On October 29, the Lion Air JT 610 flight will take a few moments before it crashes into Java. However, the Boeing 737, the world's best-selling passenger plane to date, suggests that the deadliest catastrophe could have consequences for the aerospace industry.

189 people died on a brand new airplane, which fell short of good weather in Indonesia shortly after the Indonesian capital Jakarta's swim, which raised the questions.

So far, the most sensible explanation seemed to be overwhelmed pilots. The first findings of the Indonesian researchers indicate that a sensor has incorrect Attack Offense (AOA) data and the machine automatically corrects the title – in this case, the landing.

The previous flight of the same machine should be recommended because of a faulty AOA sensor in the turbulence just below the threshold of the emergency call and the sensor replaced by Jakarta. The new sensor went crazy, so far.

Nonetheless, the producer has seen last week's findings in the Boeing stock market as an opportunity to make a recommendation to the new model 737 Max 8 pilots. The next day, the US aviation authority FAA issued an emergency airworthiness directive.

However, communication only consisted of a reference to "existing procedures". The route compensation system works even when the autopilot is switched off, but can also be handled manually. According to Boeing, the pilots were always able to remove the necessary manuals from their manuals. The new model did not change the application. First of all: "We trust the safety of the 737 Max."

An airless pilot error can only be explained by the stress of various new signals in the cabin in the confrontation between automation and manual operation – or even enough reason to question the technology used.

However, according to Tuesday's "Wall Street Journal" (paid) report, there is another explanation that makes Boeing even worse: Indonesian and US aviation authorities as well as pilots as well as pilots have significant new software features. The system called MCAS (Maneuver Characterization System) introduced with the new model 2017 is hidden.

"We're sorry Boeing didn't clean companies and the pilots didn't clearly hear anything, açıkça said Jon Weaks, the head of Southwest Airlines pilot union. "Quite a fool," said Mike Michaelis, of the Security Association of the American Airlines Association.

According to the report, Boeing decided that too much information would harm pilots. This is now being corrected – FAA instructed Boeing on Monday to complete the pilot's manuals. Otherwise, he / she will apply for ongoing investigations.

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