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"Berlin day and night": Sandy Fähse flies at BTN – the real reason …

Sandy Fähse was fired at BTN.

© screenshot Instagram Sandy Fähse (montage)

Shock for all BTN fans! Sandy Fähse "Berlin is flying day and night" – the reason makes us speechless.

Updated October 26, 2019: Sandy Fähse (35) is one of the most important actors in the RTL2 series "Berlin Day and Night" (BTN). Since 2014, he has incorporated "Leon Hoffmann" for the reality show – and has become an integral part of his life for many fans. But now came the shocking message: Sandy Fähse terminated! In his Instagram story on Thursday, the player announced he was fired. She thanked me for having a great time and said that she had "so much fun." Ingo Kantorek did not respect the late appearance of "Cologne 50667", and had waited for his dismissal. Sandy Fähse speaks of a temporary ending to "Berlin day and night" and does not comment on the future of "Leon Hoffmann".

A day later, the shocking cause of termination is known: "Berlin Day and Night" production company (BTN), spoke with to speak. Accordingly, Sandy Fähse had violated the employment contract and therefore entered into force immediately. Therefore, further cooperation is "unreasonable". Sandy Fähse did not know the reasons for her dismissal according to her own data and announced that she would continue the trial against the case.

At BTN, they took a one-day break to allow screenwriters to discuss the rest of the story and find a solution to Sandy Fasse's exit. It is not yet clear how Leon Hoffmann's story “Berlin day and night geliş will evolve.

Menowin Merry is totally speechless! Hot BTN star in tight bikini (Berlin day and night)

Updated August 10, 2019: Laura Woelki gained fame with "Berlin – Tag und Nacht" (BTN) and often captivated Instagram followers with snapshots. The actress now presents herself in a tight bikini from the front and shows what dream body she has. It seems that he is not running away from the apparently reticent current "Summer House of the Stars" candidate Menowin Fröhlich. At least this shows "Wow" in his comments.

But not only Menowin Fröhlich is enthusiastic about the hot snaps: Laura Woelki's fans are also amazed. Just two of the "Look good in bikinis" or "Just hot – very attractive woman" comments. Urlausbsfoto appeals to more than 28,000 BTN fans.

Update July 4, 2019: RTL 2 in Berlin day and night, currently haywire – at least until the staff. Recently, Melissa Zerhau and Matthias Höhn said goodbye to the show. Now there's a new rumor: leave now Favorite spectators Leon, Sandy Fähse, BTN?

The tips can be found directly in the soap: Leon couldn't believe that Mila broke up with her. He just drew a line lately. Since his wife decided to leave the neighborhood, Leon, Sandy Fähse decided to leave the neighborhood. Leon needs a break and wants to emigrate to Gran Canaria and Paco. Mila sees the decision as a threat, but Leon did so and took a plane.

Will this be a day and night series for Leon in Berlin? It looks like just a break from the RTL-2 series. On his way to the airport, Leon told Franzi that he only wanted to gain new power on the island so that he could continue to fight for Mila's heart. One final exit sounds different.

Fitting: 2000. The "Berlin – day and night" section has it all, as reported by *. All the fans ask themselves: Will Peggy survive the accident? Or is he dying of serial death today?

Updated from 26 June 2019: Fans of the Real TV show "Berlin – Day & Night" (BTN) can expect a real treat. Because BTN favorite Julia Jasmin Rühle Instagram shows about 400 thousand people – it's really erotic. Because the hottest Russian is in the popular opera from 2012 to 2014 "Berlin – Day & Night" Egocentric in RTL JJ embodied, shows what it offers. 32 years old, she looks seductive with a kiss on the camera. Her long black hair turned back into a tight ponytail, her face turned out perfectly. Leaves seductive eye shadow, bright pink lipstick & warm look BTN favorite The heart of fans beats faster.

But viewers don't like Russian locally just because of their beautiful looks – BTN favorite there is still Much more to offerIn the present picture, the actress "Berlin Day and Night" not only shows her beautiful face to her followers, but also shows herself. mega leave, they large bust well lit and perfectly photographed – from the top. And he has a clear message to his followers: ne What do you think of me, it's you! That is not me! "

Yet there is one small flaw: BTN-darling JJ's breasts are simple. too big for black undies, 32-year-old bra stitches. His followers are looking forward to a hot and erotic photo, and he will not leave without fusion.

"Maturity comes with age", looks fan "Berlin – Day & Night"Two ripe melons star to remember. "Thank you, hot baby."Thanks, another followerJJ Just right for your hot photo. Another fan plays the picture of the title and writes: "I think you're hot." A clear statement about what this is BTN star Of course he would be happy.

"Berlin day and night": BTN actress shows naked XXL-butt – very provocative?

Updated from June 23, 2019: Saskia Beecks (30) is an old hand at the Berlin Day and Night Business. The player has been part of BTN since 2011, but in the meantime allowed himself some artistic pauses. Since August 2016 Role of Alina Schmitts in the capital again. His participation in RTL2 brought many followers to Instagram for the beautiful Duisburg woman. Approximately 600,000 people are persecuting the lives of those who disrespect homosexuals. On the internet, the BTN star recently posted a hot butt photo that might have asked some fans: Isn't this picture a bit far?

In a small pool in Mallorca we see Saskia Beecks, the "Berlin Day and Night" star. In the background the beach and a wonderful sea. Most view but probably goes somewhere else. Because the beautiful actress proudly shows her the other sideAr Jealousy is often a great dimension of care. And fortunately the greatest recognition! "

For many fans this buxom sight is definitely too much. One user says, "I don't understand all these pictures. Why do people come out like this?"Does your grandfather have Instagram? What do you think he would say?"Everyday Response" Berlin Day and Night "-Mimkia Saskia Beecks:" You would be my first followers! Hello?! What question … "

BTN player string! Fans of "Berlin – Day & Night" gawk at Po-Ritze

Update from June 11: And he did it again: Laura Woelki presents her chubby butt to the world in a hot thong bikini. BTN fans are unable to help or care for the hips of 24-year-olds. Under the erotic photo, the actress identified a peach emojis that said more than a thousand words in this picture.

Berlin – Day & Night: Laura Woelki is confusing with her thong photo.

© RTL II / Severin Schweiger (photomontage)

String Laura Woelki (BTN) – "Berlin Day and Night" fans shed hair

Tanned buttocks Mandy the actress (Berlin day and night) violently reaches into the camera and looks towards the lake. I interrupted the ghosts in comments – one called BTN star Laura Woelki as "just cheap" and others said, "This woman is just great, Hammer is great!" Says. But in addition to the compliments and Hate, make some gape, even in the most intimate part of the hot photo, and leave your comments that go too far below the belt: "Only three out of many comments.

More from TV: GZSZ: Irrer Po-Blitzer – I like tight bikini Shows hot curves on the yacht!

BTN-Hammer: Hot actress shows thong butt

Original message: Berlin – "Berlin – Day and Night" series has many fans in Germany. These can now look forward to an extremely hot picture of an actress who puts her ass on the string. * shows erotic photo.

Laura Woelki (24) represents Mandy Runke's role as "Berlin – Day & Night". He was born in 1994 in Berlin and grew up in the Spandau region. After school, Laura Woelki completed her education as a health and beauty specialist. His interests are reflected in the BTN series character Mandy. In "Berlin – Day and Night" Mandy has her own beauty salon and other cosmetics and wives. They play an important role in their lives. In addition, Mandy refers to you as a good girl and a good friend like Peggy (Katrin Hamann), Paula (Laura Maack) and Rick (Manuel Denninger) as her colleague. Nevertheless, Mandy is very shy here and there, you have to show more self confidence here.

Shock to all BTN fans: Did Matthias leave after Berlin day and night after Höhn?

BTN Hammer: Laura Woelki was thrilled with Wow and showed Po on the string.

"Berlin – Day & Night" has been released on 2 RTL since 2011 and currently has many fans. Accordingly, the relevant artists and artists attract more attention. Far from the soap opera, the reality of reality stars is becoming more and more enlightened, so recently, while portraying an old BTN audience with an erotic topless headpiece, another burst into tears for a sad farewell. In addition, a favorite from the current occupation was forced to accept a heavy fate stroke, shocked death.

Among the sad news is Laura Woelki's nickname Mandy currently seems distant. The 24-year-old shows up happily on Instagram and reassures his fans. More than 171,000 subscribers can expect insights into the privacy of people with very dark hair. Laura Woelki also likes to explain that in the past, followers have seen too many skinned one or another picture.

BTN-Hammer: Laura Woelki shows an extremely hot picture on Instagram: "Uffffffffff"

Now Laura Woelki presented another, very hot photo to her fans. BTN star shows erotic from behind and Calvin Klein holds her butt on string camera. The followers seem to like it. There are many enthusiastic comments under the headline ey What attracts a woman doesn't matter, how it takes her out önemli: “Uffffffffff is a Bild & Das Körper”, hoş Engels Hand hoş or Hot Hot girl hoş.

More from the station: "RTL 2" Kracher! As in the reports of *, this is the first time a new series with this mega hot actress.

BTN-shock: Eight years later – the beautiful veteran * reports “Berlin – day and night” left.

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