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Bayern: woman in the next player with sending anger

There is no peace in Bayern: In the Bundesliga match, the wife of Franck Ribéry in Borussia Dortmund is leaving Instagram by the referee. Social media in a Munich player woman little by little.

In the Bundesliga accident between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern (3: 2), he became Manuel Gräfe judge with some difficult decisions to become a judge.

At the beginning of the second half, BVB striker Marco Reus had to face a big challenge when Munich fell in the penalty area. Gräfe made a foul by Manuel Neuer of Bayern. Reus equaled the penalty. The beginning of the Bayern defeat in Dortmund.

Anger against ribery female referee Grafe

Gräfes' decision was not in accordance with Wahiba Ribéry, the wife of Franck Ribéry. In a story, he fueled his anger: "Pfffff, unbelievable, but the fucking referee, open your eyes, really disgusting, this awkwardness disgusted me about football, it's scary," he writes in the penal court.

Instagram player woman with fewer players

The rage of Ribery is a second event that FC Bayern has reported for a player to speak. Last weekend, Thomas Müller's wife, Lisa, criticized her husband's coach.

Background: SC Freiburg coach Niko Kovac against a 1-1 draw, the national team changed after only 70 minutes. In Instagram, the wife of the Bayern star published a story with a photograph of Müller in substitution. There were sharp words: "NEN & # 39; s inspiration until more than 70 minutes!"

It becomes clear: After the defeat of the league's rivals, there is a lot in Bayern. The frustration is not only in the depths of the actors, because the spouses have proved their last angry writings.

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