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Apple iPad Pro Test: Is it finally the age of your laptop?

onepples iPad Pro redefines what an iPad can do. And what to do with a computer? With these ugly sets, Apple is offering its new device. The institution praises it as a potential substitute for a computer that is so safe in its final creation. Only the iPad should be better. It's faster than 92 percent of all notebooks sold in the past twelve months. Graphic? Microsoft 's Xbox One S video game console with Apple.

But can iPad Pro really replace a computer? The test shows that it is at least partially successful. In any case, the iPad feels better than a computer. Apple significantly changed the design compared to previous devices. The angular housing of the new iPad Pro is reminiscent of the iPhone 5.

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Apple iPad Professionals are displayed after hearing new products in October to Tuesday. New York's Brooklyn District 30, 2018. (AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews)

However, 5.9 millimeters are noticeably thinner. The camera is a little farther away from the situation, but it doesn't bend over even if there isn't a cover on the table. It's amazing that everyone who gets the device for the first time is so easy. It weighs 630 grams, but looks heavier.

For the most important part of the device, Apple does not allow for weakness. The screen is probably one of the best to buy. Apple says the liquid retina display on it. We store the technical details here, but they are extremely sharp and colorful because they fit into the ambient light. Extremely bright and low in reflection. Up to 120 hertz can support the refresh rate. Touchscreen responsive.

Inferior iPad Photos

However, in addition to all of these, it was also found in the preliminary model in the test. But with the new device, the edge has shrunk significantly around the screen. It is not as narrow as it is on iPhone X models. But this is donated more than a smartphone on a tablet.

Nevertheless, it is so narrow that no home button fits any more on the front. Apple replaced face recognition with Face ID. The iPad Pro works even better than iPhone because it doesn't have to be vertical. The device also unlocks when held in reverse. Only the user may not cover the camera with his hand.

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In the beginning you have a kind of ghost pain: the new iPhone comes without a home button

Previous iPad users require new device users, but be a bit ready to learn in operation. But the necessary swipe gestures are quickly learned. Apple explains with some videos. iPhone X users do not need to learn again. Anyone who has experienced the old iPad Pro as fast as lightning can expect to have a lightning fast. Apple has installed the newest A12X Bionic chip. The test was not shaken or hit in any situation. We couldn't find a game to force the limit. Editing videos in high 4K resolution doesn't even affect your iPad.

Chips also do their job in places not open to the user. The iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel rear-view camera, so the computing power of the device gives better results than before. Still, with a 12.9 inch iPad Pro without embarrassment, it takes some courage to take pictures or shoot movies. The photos of previous iPads are pretty weak.

Can compete with keyboard laptops

The appearance of a running device loses iPad Pro as soon as a video is played. This does not apply to the screen only. It's amazing how powerful the four speakers can be, in such a thin state. By the way: The iPad Pro now has five microphones attached to it and it records stereo sound with a video regardless of how it is done.

The new iPad Pro also shows what Apple wants to do with its Lightning connection: embedded. Apple is now based on a more powerful USB-C port. This way, the iPad can even load other devices connected to the large battery. For example an iPhone. Or a camera to transfer photos and videos. However, an external display that reflects the image of iPad only by most applications.

Beautiful writing: The new Apple Pencil can be connected via a magnet connected to the tablet and charged.

Beautiful font: the new Apple Pencil, can be attached to the tablet by the magnet, can be combined and loaded

Source: AP / Bebeto Matthews

Apple also offers a new Apple Pen for the new iPad Pro. This time it can be plugged into the iPad via a magnet and connected in this way and can be charged wirelessly. This is a good idea, because in the previous model, the pen may never be infected for storage. It was generally unavailable when needed. However, unless you want to draw or make handwritten notes on a glass, this does not happen very often. Unfortunately, the old pen is not available in the new iPad and the new pen is not in the old iPad.

Of course, to be a laptop, iPad Pro needs a keyboard from Apple. It is also a protective cover for the device. We tested the Smart Keyboard Foil immediately. Unlike its predecessor keyboard, which is not accidentally used with the new iPad, it now has two inclination angles, which is very useful. The balance was successful, with the iPad keyboard even in her lap stable. You do not need to be paired or installed. Once the virus is infected, it is ready to use. We were able to write the keyboard as fast and as well as the normal computer keyboard.

The best and most expensive tablet on the market

Conclusion: iPad Pro is the best tablet we've ever had. However, with terabytes of memory and cellular reception, it is also the most expensive tablet. It costs 2099 euros. Without pen and keyboard. With a small gigabyte of 64 gigabytes, and without a pocket, it is only "1099 Euro." The smaller version with an 11-inch display is available for € 879.

No matter which version, the iPad Pro is not available as a full-fledged notebook replacement. It's just very centered. On the one hand, this applies to the new USB-C interface. If a USB memory with USB or Word documents is installed via an adapter, the iPad will ignore it. Apple, iPhone and iPad with the application of never open system friends. Unfortunately, this applies to the current device.

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However, the biggest obstacle is not hardware. iOS 12, the mobile operating system, cannot handle a computer. Working side-by-side with side-by-side applications will only work with very few applications. Those who like to work on a computer with different windows and open programs are desperately on iPad. Multitasking can only be used at minimum level.

User is limited even when working with texts. The marking sets with the index finger are almost a good motor challenge. One wants to reach the inevitable mouse. Thus, the iPad remains what it is. An iPad. But very nice, nice and very expensive.

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