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Exane BNP lifted Daimler in "Outperform" and targeted 64 euros

PARIS – The French investment bank, Exane BNP Paribas, performed an objective performance against Daimler and raised its price target from 62 to 64 euros. In May, the analyst Stuart Pearson wrote on an existing study on Friday, when the automobile manufacturer's new management team and new products have shifted to past low levels, which seems increasingly valuable. The value potential of Daimler's mobility services can also be ignored.

Mainfirst, Leoni & # 39; s & # 39; has dropped and finished 34 euros

FRANKFURT – Mainfirst lowered LEONI to "Neutral" according to quarterly figures in "Outperform" and lowered the price target from 63 to 34 euros. The auto parts supplier performed poorly and also released a profit warning, analyst Florian Treisch wrote in a study on Friday. After the previous year and the good start of 2018, the market was not prepared to fall in the second half of the year. Business earnings estimates (EBIT) lowered. In the next quarter, almost nothing should change for the better.

Independent Research lowers German Euroshop

FRANKFURT – The analyst firm Independent Research took Deutsche Euroshop as göre wait- ing ”from” buy ”according to its third quarter figures and lowered its price target from 39 to 31 Euro. Analyst Markus Rießelmann wrote in a Friday study, although the real estate investor specializing in shopping centers performed well. However, even after the beginning of the turbulence in the stock market at the beginning of October, shares were not included.

Citigroup, Evonik, & # 39; Neutral & # 39; reduced and targeted 29 Euro

LONDON – The US bank Citigroup moved Evonik from "buy" to "neutral" and lowered its price target from 36 to 29 euros. As analyst Thomas Wrigglesworth wrote in a study on Friday, it now looks more cautious in the product range of the specialty chemicals company. Coupled with the reduction in stocks, earnings are nailed against forecasts and also blurs the view for free cash flow.

Commerzbank, Reduce & # 39; Reduce & # 39; lowered and targeted at 19 euros

FRANKFURT – Commerzbank has lowered RHÖN-CLINICUM to "Reduce" according to quarterly figures of "Hold" and lowered its price target to 25 to 19 euros. Due to the results and the more cautious stance of the German hospital market, analyst Oliver Metzger lowered sales forecasts for the clinical operator in a survey on Friday. Considering the decrease in inheritance expectations, the valuation of the share seems expensive.

Independent Research puts K + S on hold – lowered target

FRANKFURT – Independent Research analyst K + S (K + S) rose from eld sell "to lar rise dan after eld weak" third-quarter figures, but lowered its price target from 18 to 17 euros. Due to the drought in Germany, job losses suffered loss of production and he wrote analyst Sven Diermeier in a study on Friday. He lowered most of his earnings per share, but cited first tips for 2019.

Kepler Dialog Semiconductor Hold & # 39; and targeted at 25 Euros

FRANKFURT – Analysis house Kepler Cheuvreux upgraded Dialog Semiconductor from "Reduce" to "Hold" and raised the price target by 20 to 25 euros. In a review Friday, analyst Sebastien Sztabowicz said, despite the unpredictable evolution of iPhone sales and semiconductor loop cycles, Apple 's supplier' s inventory has fallen enough to maintain another significant decline. He no longer expected the margins to fall sharply as before.

Warburg Research Lifts & # 39; Buy & # 39; Canceling with

HAMBURG – Analysis house Warburg Research raised Cancom's (CANCOM SE) quarterly figures from "hold" to "buy", but left the price target at 40 euros. After a dynamic third quarter, the last quarter also had to be solid for the IT service provider and cloud provider, analyst Andreas Wolf wrote in a study on Friday. After the price was reset, the valuation of the papers became more attractive.

Goldman, General Electric's $ 9 – & # 39; Neutral & # 39; aims at

NEW YORK – US investment bank Goldman Sachs has announced the price target for General Electric (GE) for $ 12 from US $ 9 & # 39; a lowered and left the note in Neutral. Analyst Joe Ritchie, in a Friday study, is still too much unknown and has more questions than answers. For GE Capital's holding financial services division, headwind may increase.

Goldman & # 39; s Conviction Buy List & # 39; dropped Nvidia from its target

NEW YORK – US investment bank Goldman Sachs has withdrawn NVIDIA from quarterly n Purchasing Statistics &, but left the note NV purchase NEW. The price target dropped from $ 283 to $ 200. Analyst Toshiya Hari, who was completely wrong in the analysis, wrote in a study on Friday. After entering the "Share Purchase List", the share price fell by 15.5 percent. It has underestimated the storage capacity of GPUs for gaming applications. The stock is now only a "buy", with a price potential of just 20 percent to the new percent discounted price target.

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