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Accident in Munich: Witness accidentally filmed events with Dashcam

panorama Died at age 14

Raser accident in Munich – Witnesses accidentally shot with Dashcam

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Horny Ghost Driver kills 14-year-olds

A man with BMW competed with a group of young people on the wrong side of the street. A 14-year-old boy was injured. The ghost driver had initially escaped, but could be requested by the police.

It is said that a 34-year-old driver ignored several red lights in Munich and caught two youngsters who escaped police control – a 14-year-old person died. Investigators see a few murders.

N-After the death of a 14-year-old boy by an automobile driver who fled from the police in Munich, he sees several murder features as the prosecution took place. According to a spokesman for the prosecutor's office in Munich, journalists were charged with murder and the use of dangerous substances.

There is betrayal because the murdered 14-year-old student and his young friends were completely surprised by the speed cars and had no chance to escape. Gemeingefährliche agent, the car is due to a "bullet" because of its high speed.

According to investigators, the driver may be using alcohol and drugs. He smelled of alcohol, and he had a quick drug test. More accurate values ​​should still be determined. A prosecution spokesman also said it is about the question of whether it is possible to limit the debt.

Hit by two young cars

Damaged car on the road after accident

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In the car, police reportedly found a small amount of cannabis. The driver was still released on drug trafficking. As the spokesman said, the current inspection could be the background of male escape.

He was spotted by police patrols for a traffic offense, then quickly escaped. According to prosecutors, police are already working several times because they are targeted for traffic offenses, including coercion. But he was never convicted.

34-year-old refused to testify

According to his motives, according to researchers, the man has so far contained no information, and refused. Meanwhile, the suspect was entertained in psychiatry for his own protection.

The events in Laim in Munich were filmed by another driver, according to police and prosecutors called the Dashcam. The pictures showed how he traveled as a ghost rider up to 100 kilometers per hour. It was also seen how several drivers avoided the car – police are looking for them as witnesses.

The head of the murder team, Josef Wimmer, said the records also showed how the car caught a child and was thrown into the air. Then, in the video, you can see how the moving patrol stops to start an animation.

Hit by two young cars

Police stop at Fürstenrieder Straße after an accident

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34-year-old driver in custody. It is said that after a traffic offense in front of a police patrol, he used to fly as a ghost driver and then escaped Friday night and Saturday because he caught two young people who wanted to pass through a pedestrian light. He died at the age of 14 and was seriously injured at the age of 16.

In the school of the murdered child, school psychologists took care of ninth graders' classmates.

Hit by two young cars

From Friday to Saturday night, the 34-year-old police fled

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