Friday , August 19 2022

A man lay on the trunk: Audi dropped to the R8 golf course – six injured – Dusseldorf


Düsseldorf – Bad accident between a sports car and a Golf – a total of seven (!) Full of young men!

The driver of the Audi R8 (26) was allegedly approaching police in Dusseldorf on Friday evening. The driver of the Audi and driver (23) has been seriously injured.

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Photo by Patrick Schüller

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Audi sports car was completely destroyedPhoto by Patrick Schüller

The driver, passenger (17) and a passenger (18) were slightly injured. The body was seriously injured in the 18-year-old. Total damage occurred in both vehicles. Orientation Audi was still damaged due to three parked vehicles, a power box and a home wall. Total damage: around 230 000 Euro.

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