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6 times stardust event for Community Day with Fierigelel – GIGA


On Saturday, when the community starts the day, many Pokémon GO coaches will revive. If you mix, this day has a lot of stardust for you!

Adventure Sync Mode gives a small stardust

Pokémon GO players are rewarded for action: With Adventure Sync Mode, the game doesn't have to run to collect miles. Niantic rewards players for the goods and stardust of the miles that travel once a week. First of all, the amount of stardust that did not inspire many players was greatly reduced.

At present, there is still a possibility for a proper review in connection with the community day at the weekend.

In our Weekly Update, we will tell you what has changed in the game:

Hot hedgehog community can be caught on the day

On Saturday, November 10, 2018, November Society Day, you have the opportunity to capture an entire fiery prickly army. As always, you will get a special attack if you do the same day of development.

Community Day rewards can also be seen: Double stars and double EPs can be collected here.

Stardust Event

Anyone who has developed many Pokémon recently knows that stardust is an important asset in the game. First of all, players are happy about an event that started last night and lasted until 22.00 hours on November 13th.

In the Stardust Event, there are two Stardusts that incubate the eggs or catch Pokémon. Along with Community Day and yes, you can get stardust 4 times.

Pokémon: Come on, Évoli! Amazon to order in order

Even more star dust

You don't have enough value yet? Then, activate the star part in your inventory on Community Day, you should also complain about double strokes, and you must merge with the other two actions, so you can be washed in a short time. After all, it's raining stardust 6 times for you!

New Pokemon planned

Recently, Bamelin Pokémon already appears in the GO world. Dataminer Chrales he also wants to find clues to the new Pokémon from this generation soon.

They already have pocket monsters. For this game we want:

Start photo gallery

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Pokémon GO: We still want this Pokémon.

Pokémon GO trainers have a lot to do on weekends at every hunt. The event can be combined properly to get too much stardust for you. If you take advantage of this day and hunting or Pokémon GO is an old hat for you, let us know in the comments.

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