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woman waking up at night with a meteorite falling on her bed


On the night of Sunday, October 2, Ruth Hamilton woke up with an explosion: a meteorite flew through her ceiling and landed on her bed. He came out unscathed.

Ruth Hamilton, a Canadian in British Columbia, was sleeping peacefully when her dog started barking on Sunday night, October 2. “And suddenly there was an explosionHe told CTV News Vancouver. Frightened, Ruth Hamilton jumps out of bed, turns on the light and discovers a hole.the size of a fistOn your ceiling, just above your bed.

The sequence of events is more than incredible. After calling for help, the young woman turns her pillow over and discovers “a piece of black rock, smooth but angular“The Canadian press is just inches from where his head was,” explains the Canadian press.

Police soon launched an investigation close to the scene. He said they saw a group of workers doing construction work near the house.a glowing ball in the skyOne of the police officers then turned to Ruth Hamilton and confirmed to her: “I think there’s a meteorite in your bed».

Several researchers have mobilized to unravel this mystery. Geophysicists from the University of Western Ontario and members of the University of Calgary visited the town of Golden and found a second meteorite about a pound northeast of the city. Researchers contacted anyone with a video or photo at around 11:33 p.m. local time on Sunday, October 3rd. “We’re trying to recreate what the path in the sky was when it arrived.said geophysicist Phil McCausland. A discovery like this is extremely valuable: Missions to sample an asteroid in space could cost several billion dollars.

Hundreds of meteorites are said to reach the Earth’s surface each year, but rarely in places where they can be easily recovered. According to CTV News Vancouver, the probability of a meteor hitting your home is 1 in 4 trillion.

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