Sunday , December 6 2020

Various Facts | 261 from the suspended prison due to the wrong violation of rape

A 21-year-old woman was sentenced by the Mâkon Criminal Court (Saône-et-Loire) to one month's imprisonment for em false notice kon after being charged with 261 rapists for a month.

The sentence is accompanied by 18 months of maintenance, work and in particular with the obligation of 3 obligations. The compensation of the victim as compensation for intangible damages is 000 Euro.

After being removed from the Macon prosecutor's office in 2014, an investigation was opened by a high school student who had made these accusations following the denouncement of a girl's teacher.

Victim "satisfied"

At the trial, on 31 October, the accused continued to rape his former neighbor, a resident in Allier. during the trial.

The investigators, however, had removed the man, placed under the witness's witness, before he was first fired in March at the time that the offender was sent to the court for "false notice".

At the hearing, the civilian party stated that he was erek satisfied Fab with the decision of the prison court. Defense lawyer could not be reached Thursday morning.

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